It was review day yesterday for the 12 projects that received 10,000 supporters during the 3rd cycle of 2016 (period from September 2016 to January 2017) and also 1 project from the 2nd cyle of 2016 that was put on hold until this review.
From the 13 projects, two were approved and we are particularly pleased that these are the two projects that we supported from this cycle!

1. Voltron-Defender of the Universe


This submission by Lendy Tayag is a fan favourite of many who had their childhood in the 80’s. Made up of approximately 2,100+ bricks which is similar to the brick count of the soon to be released Lego Ideas Old Fishing Store set.


Here is his 10k club interview done with Lego Ideas Blog

Work on something you really like and that you are passionate about

2. Ship in a Bottle – The Flagship Leviathan


This submission by Jacob Sadovich was inspried by the classic ship in a bottle maritime art. He has said he was inspired to do a Lego version of it after constructing the actual ship in a bottle previously. Weighing in at about 1,400 bricks, it will adorn the shelf of many ship lovers including us here at Candidbricks. We believe it succeeded in capturing the nolstalgia in all of us for days gone by.


Here is his 10k club interview done with Lego Ideas Blog

Just build the things that you enjoy building

We’d like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Lendy Tayag and Jake Sadovich, the creators of the two projects that are approved, Voltron-Defender of the Universe and Ship in a Bottle-Flagship Leviathan.

We can’t wait till 2018/2019 for the release of these sets.


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