Via the, bouwsteentjes has revealed several promotional polybags that is probably scheduled for the end of the year

First up, Scarif Shoretrooper polybag – 40173, this is probably a follow up to the R3-M2 polybag (image from Brickset) as they share the same design of a 3×4 base with a backing card and a technic pin at the side. This version of the Shoretrooper is unique thus far with printings that show that this is a squad leader40173-131995216093_8a392a5930_b

Next,  the Battlepod “theme” is extended to The Ninjago Movie, Friends and Nexo Knights themes having first been introduced with the Tiger Tux Batman from The Batman Movie

5004916_Box1_V46 5004916_Prod

5004914_Box1_V46 5004920_Box1_V46

5004920_Prod Lastly, we have anothertwo Ninjago Movie polybags. One looks to contain be a mobile phone holder and a background and a Jay(in training) minifigure and the other one a pretty standard looking Sensei Wu keychain 5004394_Box1_V29

5004915_Box1_NINJAGO®-Wu-Key-Chain Some other pictures of promotional items that are revealed shows a seasonal set and what looks to be a polybag to accompany the City Jungle theme 5004934_Prod



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