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[EN] Lego has revealed two exclusive sets for the upcoming SDCC (San Diego Comic Convention) These limited sets will be sold at the Con using a lottery based system for USD$40 each. We are a bit miffed on the numbers 13,14,15,16 on the Brickheadz box. Does this mean that a collector HAS to have these 4 to complete the collection since 1-12 exists in the regular retail Brickheadz? (Images credit to Brickset and Hollywood Reporter)

41496 – Supergirl and Martian Manhunter (Jul 21 and Jul 23)
41497 – Spider-Man and Venom (Jul 20 and Jul 22)

DC Marvel

[BM] Lego telah mengumumkan dua set eksklusif untuk SDCC 2017 (San Diego Comic Convention) Set terhad ini akan dijual di SDCC dengan menggunakan sistem loteri dengan harga USD$40 setiap satu. Kami agak hampa dengan penggunaan nombor 13,14,15 dan 16 yang tertera dikotaknya. Adakah ini bermaksud set eksklusif ini wujud sebagai sebahagian koleksi Brickheadz? Nombor 1-12 telah digunakan untuk Brickheadz yang sedia ada dipasaran biasa.

41496 – Supergirl dan Martian Manhunter (Jul 21 dan Jul 23)
41497 – Spider-Man dan Venom (Jul 20 dan Jul 22)

Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter
Brickheadz launch SG
The 12 Brickheadz from Retail (including a promotional base that was available only during the Singapore launch)


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