LEGO lovers in the US have started reporting certain sets carrying very large warning labels related to button batteries plastered on them. For LEGO products, button batteries are usually found in light bricks/sound bricks. Some recent sets with light/sound bricks include 21330 Home Alone, 76429 Talking Sorting Hat and 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine.

After searching around Google, it seems that the appearance of such boxarts now ties in with the labelling requirement date of such products, (all products carrying button batteries) that will need to be in effect by September 21, 2024, according to this FAQ on the guideline by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is a direct outcome from the Reese’s law signed by US President Joe Biden in 2022 after being passed by the US Congress.

It has also been noted by our readers that the original product art of current sets have also been resized to allow for the placement of these warning labels without blocking the product image, The text on these labels need to match size of the primary display panel of any product carrying button batteries in them, which explains the huge labels seen on those sets.

These labels are not going away anytime soon in the US, so we have a feeling that adult boxart lovers might turn to sourcing their sets from other regions.



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