Could a LEGO NIKE collaboration be on the horizon?

Ever since the introduction of the LEGO Fortnite in December 2023, most Fortnite skins come along with their corresponding LEGO Fortnite skins.
However, some Fornite skins have appeared/re-appeared in the shop Fortnite ship without their LEGO versions, especially for movie/branding IP’s (Intellectual Properties)
For example, there are no corresponding John Wick/Jujutsu Kaizen/Metal Gear/Rick&Morty LEGO skins.

Today, Fortnite re-realeased their Airphoria cosmetic bundle which was last seen in Oct 2023 and it surprisingly came with a LEGO minifigure version for both their Maxxed Out Max and Airie skins. Could this be a sign of things to come? Could LEGO and NIKE do something further having done so with Adidas and Levi’s among others in the apparel line and also collaborated with Adidas on a LEGO set.
We guess time will tell.

Image from Fortnite fansite content aggregator creator



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