A few days ago, LEGO has teased us with what looks to be upcoming sets for Animal Crossing.

The teaser starts out with minifigures of Tom Nook and Isabelle waving and quickly cuts to minifigures of Rosie, Bunnie and Marshal doing the same and finally a wide shot includes Julian, Fauna and Kapp’n in a group setting in front of Animal Crossing style trees.

A balloon floats by with a present for someone to slingshot it down but it flies up to the clouds as the LEGO Animal Crossing logos are revealed.

From early retailer placeholder listings, there seems to at present six sets to be launched in 2024 with only set numbers revealed. All sets are expected to be based on the New Horizons release rather than the older Animal Crossing games. We would expect all minifigures teased to be in these sets and there are whispers that Nook’s Cranny is very likely to be one of them which means Timmy and Tommy Nook will be inside it too! (Updated with latest information and boo! no Timmy and Tommy)

77046 | Julian’s Birthday Party | USD 14.99
77047 | Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities | USD 19.99
77048 | Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tours | USD 29.99
77049 | Isabelle’s House Visit | USD 39.99
77050 | Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House | USD 74.99

Animal Crossing : New Horizons was THE comfort game for many stuck at home during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020/2021. Our main editor has personally sunk in 800 hours to the game!

On another note, the appearance of specially molded animal minifigure heads will surely bring back memories of the FABULAND line and if these Animal Crossing sets are popular, who knows? Maybe LEGO will bring back the line for a few commemorative sets.

We’ll update this article with more information once available/further teased by LEGO.


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