LEGO has recently revealed two new Speed Champions sets based on vehicles popularized in the silver screen that will be released in August 2022. This will be our review of the 76911 Speed Champions Aston Martin DB5.

Box Experience

The box shows off James Bond (Daniel Craig) racing away in his Aston Martin DB5.


Inside the box, you’ll find two bags of elements, an instruction manual and a sticker sheet.
The sticker sheet contains vents/door handles at the side of the car and the various license plate that Bond needs in order to have a smoother disguise as well as the Aston Martin logo among others.

As the stickers are optional decorative elements, we opted not to paste them on our final build. It’s intriguing that LEGO decided to make the sticker sizes to accommodate the size of the element that it will be pasted on. This makes the colour mismatch between the stickers and the moulded plastic parts pretty obvious.

There is surprisingly a lot of printed decorative elements in the set including two for the front radiator grill of the car, six for the multiple lights of the car and one for the windshield element. Additionally, there are many drum lacquered silver parts for the bumpers

The Build

The build can be classified as basic to intermediate with many ways used to create the angles and distinctive shape of this iconic car used in the James Bond franchise.
The windscreen assembly can be popped out to access the interior which has two seats and a pretty spacious back seat for Mr. Bond to stash his weapons and gadgets(or as this is a Speed Champions them, his spanner/wrench) for quick access.

Attention to detail is marvelous including pearl silver horns for the decorative bumper element and even a complete exhaust pipe assembly. Due to the size/scale of the build, no other areas can be opened up except for top of the car.

Here are a few more angles of the car when viewed from the top. It is here and the view from the back that one may be able to discern that the  printed grey of the transparent windscreen does not complement well with the grey of the molded parts.

James Bond can more or less comfortably sit into the car but due to the front windshield connection, he has to lift up his right hand when seated.

The build involves some intermediate to advanced techniques such as this one pictured below at the rear of the car as well as those that hold the silver bumpers of the car

Box Experience

This is the first James Bond minifigure and it’s based on the Daniel Craig’s rendition of the superspy. He has a serious/prickly expression. You have him in a black tuxedo with prints on the whole of the front assembly, including a grey bow tie and a white pocket square and on the back of the torso. There is no alternate head print.


Excellent rendition of the Aston Martin DB5 in 8 stud wide Speed Champions system let down by mismatching colours on the print of the back windscreen and on the stickers
Thumbs up for design. Thumbs down for colour reproduction of the stickers and printed windshield.

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.




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