76831 Zurg Battle Review

Here is our review of the 76832 Zurg Battle LEGO set that released recently.

Box Experience

The front of the box shows Zurg fighting with Space Command in an icy planet. The animated Buzz Lightyear from the movie looks on from the lower left of the box

The back of the box shows off Zurg and Space Command travelling on a path to an unknown destination. Both parties look uneasy at the likely temporary truce. The new style blaster pistol is highlighted in an insert. The side of the box introduces the characters Buzz Lightyear, Izzy Hawthorne, SOX, his feline companion robot and E.R.I.C the robot

Box Contents

Inside the box are 2 packs of LEGO elements, an instruction manual and a sticker sheet

The Build

The finished model looks good. Decorations are mostly realized with the stickers provided. Although the model is top heavy, it stands up pretty well and the finger articulation is much welcome. The shoulder tiles do tend to pop out if you over rotate the arms but it’s not a big issue.

We wonder what the printed round tile attached to the hip area could be? Perhaps something to learn about in the animation

The printed head is attached with a Technic axle and provides 360 degrees rotation
There are knees present in the set though articulation is pretty limited and it does reduce the stability of the set slightly but if you pose him right, it’s no problem

We end the review on the build with some additional pose pictures.


Buzz Lightyear comes in his classic spacesuit. His wings are tan, similar to the suits seen in the XL-15 spaceship set so either Buzz commandeered the wings from or it’s to show that these are prototype wings.

Buzz has prints all round the torso and arms including print details on the legs and feet.
His right arm is adorned by a space patch as well as the arm laser shooter.

Izzy Hawthorne has a nearly identical suit as Buzz with the exception of not having the laser shooter on her right arm.

Both characters come with a separate head with dual expressions and hair for posing sans the communications carrier assembly.

The new stud shooter load much easier than the previous black stud shooter though a horizontal load compared the the need to connect the stud to the antistud on the previous stud shooter.

Along with SOX, this set also comes along with E.R.I.C, seen in the teaser trailer as a robot which gives the power crystal to Buzz. It’s a long cuboidal robot. We do like the way the eyes are made and integrated to the head.


A decent addition to the numerous similar sized Mechs and Robots. Zurg towers over Buzz Lightyear here and that’s a good thing. We do love that laser shooter attachment. It goes for USD29.99/SGD49.99 which is on the pricier side but has a healthy dose of minifigures and characters. This gets a 4/5 for us.



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