76832 LEGO Pixar LightYear XL-15 Spaceship Review

Here is our review of the 76832 LightYear XL-15 Spaceship that releases worldwide today.

Box Experience

The front of the box shows the spaceship in flight with the space objects in a blur. The animated Buzz Lightyear from the movie looks on from the lower left of the box

The back of the box shows off some features and details of the set including insets of the spaceship on the display mount, the back of the spaceship with its two cargo bays and the other minifigures that are included in the set. The latest trailers show that Darby Steel and Mo Morrison are allies of Lightyear when he arrives back on his base after a “short” test flight transports him 60 odd years into the future. The LEGO Buzz Lightyear minifigure look on from the lower left of the box. The side of the box introduces the characters including SOX, his feline companion robot.

Box Contents

Inside the box are 5 packs of LEGO elements, an instruction manual and a sticker sheet (we put on one of the stickers before we remembered that we didn’t take a close up of the sticker sheet, oops!).

The Build

After the build is finished, we end up with a sleek spaceship. This is the XL-15, likely one of the successors to the XL-1 which is the more prominently seen spaceship in the two trailers of the movie thus far. However, the XL-15 can still be seen for a few seconds in the teaser trailer (we flipped the image of the trailer for a better comparison)

The transparent yellow canopy used in this set brings us back to the time of LEGO classic space. AFOL Angus MacLane (who just happens to be the director of the Lightyear movie) cheekily claims that he made the movie so that he could bring the canopy back into action!

The cockpit is large enough to fit Lighyear and Sox. The front of the cockpit is filled with his flight stick, a printed triangular tile with IVAN emblazoned on it (we assume that’s the name of the flight computer) and some other stickers representing his other flight displays screens.

The rear of the spaceship is suitably detailed with hatches for the cargo bay doors and the compartments of the cargo bay big enough to store all of Lightyear’s accessories.

We particularly loved how the designer was able to create a very smooth shape for the thrust engines/air intakes. It adds a dramatic heft to the whole spaceship. The angle of the anhedral wings of the spaceship are created nicely with appropriate decorative stickers marking the spaceship all around. The

A quick shot of the underside of the spaceship is provided below to show how it attaches to the simple yet effective stand on the protruding Technic Axle on the stand. The blue pylons of the wings might be accidentally knocked off from time to time but it somehow adds an air of aerodynamics to the wings.

Here’s a few more pictures of it facing the left just for fun.


There are three minifigures and a “cat” in this set.

Buzz in his flight suit for XL-15. The orange flightsuit is printed all the way to the boots at the front. The white helmet of Buzz carries a hint of dual molded black at the bottom of back of the helmet which we assume represents the airtight connection to the rest of the suit.

The head of Buzz is depicted in his baby blue communications carrier assembly and the distinctive chin cleft can be clearly seen.

An additional headpiece with Buzz out of his baby blue communications carrier assembly as well as his hairpiece. There is no side printing on this minifigure

Darby Steel, likely the explosives expert of the crew has a dark green shoulderguard on with printed decorations. Here headpiece has dual expressions. She shares the same tan suit as Mo Morrison which is printed all the way to the boots in the front.

Mo Morrison can be distinctly recognized by his sand blue shoulderguards and is given only one printed expression with surprisingly no alternate print. A full time happy demeanor lies ahead for this charater voiced by Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi.

SOX is a robotic cat in the movie and is represented by a bright orange cat with a blue collar with a golden tag

Accessories in this set include a computer, a blaster pistol, a blaster rifle, a power crystal assembly and a flamethrower. A sticker is provided for the blaster rifle though we stuck it on a different side than that expressed in the instruction manual.

As mentioned earlier, a dual printed sans communications carrier assembly Buzz Lightyear head is provided as well as hairpieces for all three minifigures to depict them out of their helmets.


It’s been a while since we last build a LEGO spaceship and it’s been nothing short of a blast and this set probably awakened my inner kid as I was filled with glee while building and attaching the wings and thrusters of the spaceship.

I forgot how much fun building a LEGO spaceship was and I daresay this won’t be the last. A 5/5 rating for this fun build!

This set releases today 24th April 2022 on all LEGO sites for US/Euro 49.90 , S$79.90

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review from us





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