The LEGO Campus has finally opened its doors on 5th April 2022 after five years of construction and planning. Designed by C.F. Møller Architects, the campus spans 54,000 square metres and will be an innovative workplace for approximately 2000 LEGO group employees.

Located close to the LEGO House visitor centre, the Campus is a high quality, low-energy office building partly powered by solar panels installed on the roof of the nearby parking facility.

In addition, the Campus also features:

  • Special gypsum fibreboard – which saved 650,000 kg of CO2 emissions during construction, additionally 1000 tons of construction waste was recycled during the construction process
  • Sedum plants on roof surfaces collecting rainwater which irrigates the surrounding green spaces
  • Workplace waste is sorted into 10 different categories
  • Flexible and open workspaces with “green” partitions of plants and planters
  • All outdoor furniture was made from waste LEGO Bricks. 5000 kg of LEGO waste has been recycled.
  • A focus on biodiversity with a wealth of indigenous plants, trees and natural environments planted to support wildlife

Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group said: “It’s a great moment to see our new Campus officially open after many years of planning and construction. Many colleagues have contributed to shaping a workspace that reflects our values and instills a sense of fun not just for our employees in Billund, but for all our LEGO teams across the world who regularly visit. Our mission is to inspire children so it’s important we provide a vibrant, playful workplace that enables employees to deliver inspiring experiences for kids”.

In commemoration of the official opening, employees at the LEGO Campus were also given a “Not for Sale” LEGO Campus set each. LEGO has done this previously for their new factory openings across the world as well.

Image credit : George Gilliatt
Image credit : George Gilliatt

The LEGO Campus is also the final destination for the giant brick in this viral image shared by Mark Stafford who spotted it outside the LEGO Office back in 2019

Image Credit : Mark John Stafford




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