Let’s take a look at the 2 new LEGO Hogwarts Moment buildable books
Set 76396 Divination Class
Set 76397 Defense (Against the Dark Arts) Class

Box Experience

Strong visuals from both boxes with the Defense Classroom taking top points with the sinister feel. Insets show the builds when it is opened up for play.


Both builds have a similar makeup in their contents. Both come with 2 packs of bricks, 1 instruction book, 1 sticker sheet and 2 book cover tiles (1 printed, one blank)

The Build

Set 76396 Divination Class

The classroom book, when opened up features two main walls with stickers portraying a heavily curtained room. The furniture in the playset further extends this ambience with pathways flanked with dark red curtains/drapery. Color scheme looks good except for the jarring bright yellow plates which we suppose are clasps of sort to hold the cloth open. The middle column of the book is tastefully decorated with tan/grey bricks with a cupboard right below. Unfortunately the fit of the doors is rather loose and won’t close properly. This leads to the book stored inside falling out rather often.

All the furniture and panels that are taken out for play are neatly stackable into the book itself for storage. The crystal ball and tea table slots into the lower left portion. The one seater couch and side table goes upside down into the top left while the tables and chairs are combine and place on top of the middle column

The looseness of the cabinet doors (As seen in the last picture) is a big negative point for this set as the book keeps falling out at any movement of the set. Also, due to some interfering element that we can’t quite pinpoint, the book doesn’t shut close neatly compared to the Defense classroom set.

Set 76397 Defense (Against the Dark Arts) Class

The playset when opened up features a ton of playable areas with lots of weird looking potions, glasses and curiosities around the room. There is a new type of chest which represents the chest where Mad Eye moody was locked in!

A look at the central spine shows a fixed half wall with some eerie stickers and some stickers. We are pretty sure that the bearded wizard with a beanie is an easter egg of the design team 🙂The fireplace and curious items adorn the half wall (In this picture some loose furniture are already stacked up for storage.

All the loose furniture can be neatly tucked away on the left side and central column

A closer looks at the Dark Mark book and the nano figure that represents Alastor Mad Eye Moody stuck in bottom of the deep trunk. His mechanical eye and peg leg are taken away from him by Barty Crouch Junior!


Set 76396 Divination Class

Minifigures of Professor Trelawney, Parvati Patil and Harry Potter are included. All minifigures have dual printed heads. Professor Telawney has the fronts of the legs printed as well as a specially molded headpiece. Both Gryffindor students come with the “early teen” legs that are short but bendable.

Set 76397 Defense (Against the Dark Arts) Class

Minifigurs of Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody(Barty Crouch Junior Polyjuice’d up) Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom are included. Mad Eye Moody has the fronts of his leg printed to show off his long outfit. His peg leg is represented by a silver dual molded leg. Both Gryffindor students come with the “early teen” legs that are short but bendable.


Both books provide the avenue for roleplay of a study day at Hogwarts. In total there are now 6 of these books out and collectors will be waiting for more showing the advancement of the students in Hogwarts (the previous 4 books portrayed the students in their summer uniforms? with short non bendable legs showing their early years and featured students from Ravenclaw/Sytherin/Gryffindor) It’s all Gryffindor this time round though.

We give the Divination Class a 2.5/5 rating for the poor closing of both the lower cupboard and the actual book and the Defense Class a 4/5 rating

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review from us at candidbricks



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