Review of 76206 Iron Man Figure

“Skinny but acceptable”

First of all, a big thank you to LEGO for sending us this awesome set for review. We actually had a brick built action figure Iron Man which was a lot more Bionicle shaped back in 2012 with the set number of 4529. I’m not sure which armor Mark version that was based on but judging from the round chest piece I suppose it was Mark 3.
10 years later we have another brick built Iron Man Mark 43 with better aesthetics. This set is priced at USD39.99 with a part count of 381 pieces with no Minifigure. Let’s see what’s inside this set.


The front of the box shows Iron Man in a hovering pose which is quite impossible to achieve without any support in real life. However the box art is very eye pleasing.

The back of the box shows Iron Man taking off with his hand and leg repulsor firing. The inserts show that there will be one light brick and one UCS plaque included in the set.

Stickers. A necessary evil?

The Build

The head and pauldrons are actually made using the exact same element. They are new parts and the difference between them is just the addition of the pleasing golden head print.

The arms. The movement of upper part of the arm is limited by the hinge. However the hands can move more freely with a ball joint connected to the wrists. Here you can see the very significant difference in colour of the drum lacquered gold parts used in the upper arm and the molded pearl gold parts used as the fingers connection. Of course, drum lacquered parts shouldn’t be used for applications where there will be friction as it will easily wear off the paint.

The knees are always a hot topic in the mech loving world as LEGO almost always replaces them with static supports as the parts available can’t create a structure stable enough to hold the often heavy detailed torso/head. In this instance, I think it is quite appropriate as the upper torso is not as heavy. There is enough space at the posterior of  the knee to allow a stable semi-squatting pose.

Here’s the torso without the light brick arc reactor. The light bluish grey bits connect to the pauldron/shoulder armor while the bowling ball joint right below it connects to the arms and lastly the black ball joints connect to the legs. The stickers act as decorative pieces complementing the gold drum lacquered pieces.

He can even sit on the floor like this. So it is actually quite flexible in posing him. That thing on the right is the lightbrick build of the arc reactor. It fits snugly into the hollow space in the chest.

Front and rear view. When the lightbrick is on, the trans blue round dish is not sufficient enough to turn the orange light from the lightbrick into a complete blue hue so you end up with a mix of both. The raw button of the light brick is exposed in the back of the torso which makes him look unfinished while also providing a bit of texture.
Does he looks a little bit skinny at the legs? I think his thighs should be thicker.

Completed build with the UCS plaque. To be frank, I wouldn’t have known this was the Mark 43 armor if it wasn’t for the information on the plaque.

****Silly us, we just noticed that the upper thighs of the set in our pictures have all been rotated 180 degrees so the front(with more gold drum lacquered parts) is wrongly turned to the back. Here’s the correction!

Tony is here for repairs!

Metalic gold parts facing the front makes the thigh look more bulky compared to the wrong build that we previously did.

Don’t make the same mistake as I did, yeah?

Comparison pictures (Pictures after this may include builds and minifigures from other LEGO sets)

Comparison with the Ultron edition Hulkbuster. I thought he should be inside the cockpit of the Hulkbuster?

Such a poser.

The buildable “mechs” of Iron-Man armors really look nice together if you ignore the scale.


I give this set a 4.5/5.0 score as the design of the Iron Man is pretty good with the versatility to pose being the main draw for me. This set is priced at USD39.99 with a parts count of 381 pieces with no Minifigures. I feel that the light brick and the exclusive head piece are enough parts to replace the minifigures. While the official designers are often constrained by the need to provide a good enough stability for it to be less frustrating as a children’s toy, I can’t wait for the MOCers out there to modify him into better version of Iron Man and better yet, a template to build all Iron Man Armor to date!

They are available in the stores starting 1st day of January 2022!

Hope you enjoyed my review. Thank you!

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review from us at candidbricks




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