76155 In Arishem’s Shadow set review

This will be our final review of The LEGO Eternals lineup.

Box Experience

The bright blue and gold colour scheme once again dominates the box and stylistic representations of the minifigures are shown off at the side of the box

The front of the box shows of Arishem floating in space acting all celestial-ly with an insert showing the only Deviant in this set which resembles a large bird.

The back of the box give more action shots of the Eternals battling the deviant while also showing off the light brick function for Arishem and a full front view of Arishem.

Box Contents


We have a total of 3 bags, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet. A lot of stickers are given for Arishem to make it look more organic, I suppose and one sticker is reserved for the Deviant

The Build

Bag 1 will build up the torso.
We like the shaping of the torso here. It feels really nice with a good heft and texture all around. The hole in the middle is reserved for the Light Brick assembly which will come later on

Bag 2 will build up the legs and stand of Arishem. The discs on the legs are a nice part to have but we think it’s pretty superflous. The addition was probably to give anl illusion of Arishem floating? It does work as intended if so.

The legs has to be the weakest point of the build. We are sure the designers were limited to recreating the source material but it feels janky.  The lower legs are given bulk with strategically positioned “legguards”

Bag 3 will complete Arishem and also give us the small Deviant build as well. Arishem has plenty of articulation points including the head, arms, hands and the wide base allows it to be posed, although it looks very weird at a side angle

The head has to be one of the highlights of the build with the eyes being shaped by 6 coral nozzle guns inserted into the 1×2 rounded end plates.

We also like the shape of the torso. . The shoulderpads? are rotatable giving the whole build a little less mechanical feeling. The hands are also pretty nice with stud shooters and move-able claws/fingers

The light brick seems to be added just to give the build a little bit extra oomph but feels a bit off. Maybe the orange hue is muted by the redness around it.

We have to say that although the wings of the Deviant look rigid and is stuck in and outstretched pose, we like this Deviant build! The Deviant was likely added for more playability but man, 4 Eternals vs one small out numbered Deviant? Time to fly away, little one!


In addition to Ikaris and Sersi which are available in other Eternals sets, we are also given and exclusive Kingo in purple and exclusive Ajax in blue gold for this set.

Kingo in purple has amazing prints for his outfit(the same can be said for all the Eternals) but feels a tad generic.

Ajax is missing the ornate headpiece seen in the movies but that would have necessitated another specialised mold so we could see why TLG chose not to include it.

Both minifigures have dual expressions which is always welcome.


4 Eternals, 1 Deviant and 1 Mech in the shape of Arishem. In paper, it looks good but Arishem the mech feels a bit weak, in particular the legs. 2 minifigures would have sufficed and would have brought down the price point (USD59.99) a little

We feel that this set will not be picked up immediately by most looking to complete their collection but a LEGO mech set is always pretty popular for kids!

We give this set an average rating of 3 stars with the minifigures and surprisingly, the Deviant build being our favourites.

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review from us




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