This will be our third review of The LEGO Eternals lineup.

Box Experience

The bright blue and gold colour scheme dominates the box and stylistic representations of the minifigures are shown off at the side.

The Front of the box shows the 6 legged Deviant chasing the Eternals while the back of the box shows it standing off against the Eternals. The range of motion for the appendages are also illustrated

Box Contents

Contents of the box include an instruction manual, a sticker sheet and 2 numbered bags

The Build

If set 76145 Eternals’ Aerial Assault showed 1 humanoid looking Deviant fighting against 2 Eternals, the brief for this set is 1 bigger 6 legged Deviant fighting against 3 Eternals.

The prominent feature of this Deviant has to be with its bulky arms that feels like the forelegs of a mantis shrimp and looks to pack a devastating punch.
We had to use a bit of time to fiddle with the more scrawny legs but it can be posed in multiple fun ways as the four hind legs is able to offset the centre of gravity offset caused by the heavy forelegs.

It has the same tendril/wispy feature utilizing the anchovy looking element at the back, in-line with all the Deviants in this line and stickers make up the bulk of the decorative elements with the eyes being the only printed pieces of the set.

We were a little annoyed as the head has very limited vertical articulation owing to the fact that there is an interference between the “armored” skull element against the torso of the beast. (see top picture on the left)  By moving the elements of the head one stud forward, a more enjoyable posing feature can be achieved albeit this changes the profile of the head as the 1×2 plates with rounded ends are not visible anymore. (see top picture on the right) The beauty of LEGO is that it’s so easily customizable!


We get 3 Eternals minifigures to accompany the main Deviant build with Gilgamesh being exclusive to this set while Thena and Makkari are also included in 76156 Rise of the Domo set.

Gilgamesh is resplendent in his emerald green, pearl gold outfit and with a smattering of shiny gold accents printed.

All three minifigures are given the same treatment print wise. Dual expression heads, torso is printed front and back and the front of the legs are fully printed from the hips to the toes

As the same with other minifigures from this theme, no arm printing or dual molded legs have been allocated for any of them.


We personally find this set to be the weakest of the bunch. We can see some playability for the Deviant which looks unique but it just doesn’t appeal that much to us. However, this is the only set where Gilgamesh makes a minifigure appearance so Ma Dong Seok fans from “Train to Busan”, be sure to get it.

For the rest, it will definitely depend if the design of this particular Deviant appeals to you or not.

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review from us




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