It has been a long time coming for LEGO castle fans but 2021 will see the return of the regular classic castle as a playset. It will be released in the Creator 3-in-1 so we should be expecting techniques and play-ability suitable for ages 8 and up. Found listed on LEGO retailer JB Spielwaren recently, intrepid image hunters have also managed to find a few other images of the set which we have to squeeze inside this article.

This is a VERY interesting set for kids and adults alike with proposed alternate builds of a medieval market scene or a tower under siege is brilliant. The fact that the designers have made the castle open up for a doll-house like play style or to be folded up to resemble a classic medieval rectangular shape is very welcome. This set comes with two Black Falcon soldiers and a random villager as well as brick built chickens/mouse/duck/crow and dragon.

This will come in June 2021 and looks to be the successor to the also brilliant 31109 Pirate Ship in being the flagship Creator 3-in-1 set of 2021.



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