Review of 80020 White Dragon Horse Jet

“Flying Horse?”

A little bit of lore. The white horse in legend of The Journey to the West is actually the horse that Tang San Zhang rides to the West. The white horse is actually a dragon prince Ao Lie who is the third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea. When Tang Sanzang was crossing the stream, the prince appeared in the form of a gigantic white dragon and swallowed Tang’s original white horse in one gulp. The dragon prince had been sent by Guan Yin to wait for Tang Sanzang but did not recognise the latter and even went as far as to eat his horse as a result. The dragon was then transformed into the White Dragon Horse and served as Tang Sanzang’s steed for the rest of the latter’s journey.

This set is priced at USD49.99 with a parts count of 565 pieces alongside with 3 Minifigures and a cat. Let’s see what’s inside this set.

The front of the box features a jet with green and white colour scheme fighting alongside with a cat on its own mini jet and a vending machine under attack.

The back of the box shows us the play feature of the set. One interesting feature is that you can slot in the smartphone to make the vending machine spit out the drink that you want.

Sticker sheet. Sticker number 2 is quite a fun easter egg as it features the poster of a new canned drink with 72 random flavours. 72 is a magic number in The Journey to the West because Sun Wu Kong’s major skill set is 72变. This simply means that Sun Wu Kong has 72 types of abilities which makes him very powerful.

Dots? I love that smartphone 6329698 Tile 1 x 2 with Groove with Cell Phone Screen and App Icons Pattern which released in 2021. It currently appears in only 3 sets including 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens, 80107 Spring Lantern Festival and this particular set. It is still a rather rare part currently.

The vending machine. The slot for you to put in the 1×2 tile is right below the GO! word on the sticker. After slotting in, the mechanical force transfers to push out a random drink and it will slip out from the empty slot at the bottom. The display of the lid of the drinks is quite interesting as you put all those 1×1 round printed tiles inside a trans clear 1x2x5 brick. This type of building technique appeared first in the first Ninjago City 70620.

The base of the jet. The seat is well decorated by tan coloured gold ingots.

It looks like an arrow pointing towards the right.

The Dragon head hilt is very nicely carved in LEGO and they looked good in gold and white. The designers brilliantly placed them here as the decoration of the jet. 6224825 Minifigure, Weapon Sword Hilt with Dragon Head.

Now we start to build the outer part of the jet, decorating it with a dragon head sticker and the pearl gold dragon hilt.

6322185 Propeller 1 Blade 14L with Axle Hole Trans-Bright Green since 2020
6287551 Projectile Arrow, Bar 8L with Round End (Spring Shooter Dart) since 2014
6316470 Windscreen 8 x 4 x 2 with 2 Studs and Bar Handle since 2021 (new colour)
6301802 Minifigure, Weapon Sword, Blade with Bar since 2020
Trans-Bright Green

The whole build of the set. The building technique of the wings that gives the jet a scaly dragon-ish look is quite brilliantly executed. The vending machine is also a simple yet covered with an impressive mechanism.

Si. The guy with a smartphone. 6310580 Torso Jacket with Zipper, Dark Purple Shirt with White and Red Abstract Pattern / Dark Turquoise Arms / Yellow Hands in Dark Turquoise. This torso looks like a common jacket that a citizen would wear but it is actually a torso that only appeared in 3 sets including this one. He comes with a confident look and a startled face as he is captured by the spider.

Huntsman. The exact same one from 80021, albeit with different weapon.

Mo. Sandy’s cat. Here she is not in a cage anymore. Now she is able to pilot her own mini jet which has the matches the colour of her fur.

Mei. This is also a repeated minifigure from 80023 Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter. This is armoured version of her who is ready to fight the bad guys with her jade dragon sword. Here she has her hair and helmet. I really love her white and green colour scheme with a little bit of gold. The dragon print on her torso is superb and the dragon scale print extends into the legs. The pearl gold pauldron is also a great addition to the Minifigure.

Another view of the set. I think the jet is best viewed top down.

Haha, in this view, tt looks like it has crashed. The vibrance of the colour in this set is very eye pleasing.


I give this set a 4.8/5.0 score as the design of the Jet is very nice with those green scales contrasting to the white body. The vending machine is also an impressive build with the bottle dropping mechanism. This set is priced at USD49.99 with a parts count of 565 pieces alongside with 3 Minifigures and a cat. The minifigures are mostly repeats with different facial expressions. However we still get a rather rare citizen with a rather rare smartphone 1×2 tile.

Hope you enjoyed this review from Mr. Beast. Thank you!



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