Candidbricks has been a massive fan of Brickheadz ever since it launched in 2017. Initially concentrating on pop culture and licensed characters, it also delved into the ocassional seasonal icon representations. This year, the Brickheadz Pets line is released and we are getting 4 Brickheadz pets (and the younglings of each)

We have built up each set and here are our thoughts

According to survey, the top 4 pets that inhabit the most households in the USA are dogs, cats, fish and birds (in that sequence) and it’s no surprise that LEGO chose them to carry the load, so to speak. The Dogs are represented by the German Shepard, Cats by the Shorthair Cat, Fishes by the Goldfish and Birds by the Budgie

40440 – German Shepard & Puppy
40441 – Shorthair Cat & Kitten

Each Brickheadz comes with a base to “tie them together”
The dogs are given a red enclosure while the cats are given a Teal enclosure
In front of those enclosures is a little interchangeable plaque
The Shorthair Cat has a fish/paw print motif while the German Shepard has a bone/paw print motif. (Take a look at the motif choices at the end of this article)

LEGO has not skimped on the details at the back. Subtle but significant differences are seen. All these quadrupeds are also given tails that can be articulated in one axis and the enclosures are given a little cut-off at the to accommodate these tails The adult pets have hind legs on hinges so you would be able to slighly open the legs up to give some variety to the poses if you so wish. The German Shepard is also given a sand green “scarf” while the ShortHair Cat is given a yellow bowtie/ribbon

Here they are, when viewed from the sides.      

40442 – Goldfish & Fry
40443 – Budgie & Chick

Similar to the German Shepard and Shorthair Cat, both the Goldfish and Budgie has a special base. In addition, the Budgie’s have a cute perch and the Goldfish are mounted on transparent bricks to give the illusion of them swimming in the water.

The Budgie comes with a major problem of being too top heavy and as such, will topple down when you move it around with the base. also, due to the “fence border” used, it is very easy to break apart due to the placement of your thumbs on it when moving it around. This issues will only become apparent only when you try to move them. It is otherwise find and stable.Our personal favourite has to be the Goldfish set due to the elements chosen to represent their mouths! The adult Goldfish is mounted on 3 trans bricks and two layers of 1×2 trans bricks and you can see this is to lift the Goldfish slightly higher to prevent it from impeding the placement of the FryThe fry can be turned at an angle because it is placed atop a 2×2 jumper tile while the adult one does not have this feature (probably due to the weight?)We think that this is a good one-time spin off for the line though we can’t think there are too much more pets to be made after these 4, probably some reptiles or amphibians maybe?

Here’s the quick and dirty scoring for each of them

40440 – German Shepard & Puppy – 4/5 stars
40441 – Shorthair Cat & Kitten – 4.5/5 stars
40442 – Goldfish & Fry – 4/5 stars
40443 – Budgie & Chick – 3/5 stars

Here’s also a quick look at the different stickers motifs and bases for each Pet with Teal for ShortHair Cat, Red for German Shepard, Tan for Budgie and Blue for Goldfish



40440 - German Shepard & Puppy
40441 - Shorthair Cat & Kitten
40442 - Goldfish & Fry
40443 - Budgie & Chick


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