We at Candidbricks are big fans of LEGO and also VERY big fans of the minifigures in offer in the playsets. Our reviewer Akira has written a summary of all the minifigrues in the Ninjago The Island lineup.

Pictures and written words by: Akira

Here’s a look at all the minifigures on offer in the 2021 March Ninjago The Island release.
The names of the minifigures from official set descriptions are as follows (from left to right)

From L-R (appearnace in each set)

Island Lloyd – 71745, 71746
Island Cole – 71747
Island Kai – 71747, 71748
Island Zane – 71746, 71748
Island Jay – 71747, 71748
Island Nya  – 71745

From L-R (appearance in each set)

Rumble Keeper – 71745, 71748
Thunder Keeper – 71746, 71747, 71748
PoulErik – 71746
Chief Mammatus – 71747, 71748

All in all, here is the entire line-up of all minifigures from all The Island sets.

The Good Guys

Looking in detail, these are the ninjas without their face masks. Only Zane has no alternate face expression.With the scabbards removed, you can see the back prints for each minifigures as well as the back of Zane’s head

The Villains

To distinguish The Keepers, just note that the Thunder Keepers has the grinning face print and white markings at the back of its head while the Rumble Keeper has the angry face print and purple markings at the back of its head .

PoulErik has both headpieces of the Rumble Keeper and Thunder Keeper.  The torsos for 3 out of 4 minifigures are all the same.

Chief Mammatus is the only villain in this lineup that has unique head, torso and leg prints.

Overall, these are excellent minifigures. Sadly we didn’t get any Island Wu or Island P.I.X.A.L. in this wave. Probably next time?

Comment below and share what you think about this summary. Take your time. This is Akira signing off.

Minifigures were extracted for photography from sets provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of review. Provision of sets does not in any way influence the opinions of our review panel.




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