Review of 71738 Zane’s Titan Mech Battle

“Knee Joints.”

First of all, a big thank you to LEGO for sending us this awesome set for review. There was a smaller version of this Mech back in 2015, the 70737: Titan Mech Battle, but this one is a much more complete version of a Mech. Let’s see what’s inside this set.

71738-1The front of the box shows us the battle of the white majestic mech fighting the soul catchers. Four minifigures are included in this set, including the Limited Edition Golden Jay which is shown at the bottom right corner of the box.


The back of the box shows us the playability of the set and the movement of the joints alongside with the measurement of the Mech. It stands tall at 26cm (The Tower of Orthanc is only 74cm). This Mech was featured in season 5 of the Ninjago animation show.

71738-3Stickers sheet. I think the amount of stickers are okay but as always, I still prefer them printed. Haha.

Bag 1 build. This is what goes on inside of the torso and we get two minifigures in bag 1 already.

Front and back view of the torso. After the finishing build, the torso itself looks magnificent with the v shaped collar at the front. 6256536 Wedge 6 x 8 Pointed Cutout. I love the gold bars as the front and back of the torso looks like the spine of the mech.

Side view of the torso. Here you can see the slots for shoulder joint and the hip joint of the Mech. 6324200 Projectile Launcher, Spring Shooter with Light Bluish Gray Top. This is a great shooter rather than the stud shooters but it is quite easily fired while you are handling the Mech. So I would suggest you remove the ‘bullet’ 6296379 Projectile Arrow, Bar 8L with Round End (Spring Shooter Dart) if the kids are playing with it.

The right hand. This arm is equipped with a gold knife as a weapon. The parts name is 6330240 which I couldn’t find in Bricklink suggesting it might be a new part or new colour which is currently exclusive in this set. It only has 3 fingers so the grasp is not really strong. I love the pauldron which is the same part as the collar.

Left hand is equipped with 6327940 which is a new currently exclusive part too. That turning blade is a deadly spinning weapon for the Mech.

This is to illustrate how the shoulder joint was connected.

The front and back view of the legs. I love the colour scheme of white and light blue coupled with a little bit of gold and grey.

Side views of the legs shows how well the knees can pose with stability. There are no support of any sort when I took this picture. They can stand on their own indicating that the knee joints are very strong to support the weight of the Mech.

In this set we get the middle dark grey bee’s nest. The orange nest is from friends set and the pink one is Joker’s cotton candy. Here the designers uses it to represent a propulsive device at both sides of the legs to make the Mech fly.

By removing the outer parts of the calf, we can see the bee’s nest with a trans blue head as the flame that powers the flight. It will be covered by the finishing parts outside so I think its a nice touch, but you need to uncover it to appreciate it.

This is a stop motion of how the knee joint moves. Unlike human knees, this one has a bending limit where you can’t bend it at 90 degrees. However, this improved knee joint is very nicely done with two 6055629 Technic, Steering Arm with 3 Ball Joints, Compact connected to their respective parts.

The head is also nicely designed with two 6023099 Flag 2 x 2 Trapezoid as the cheek. The stickers are spot on with the light blue lines. The gold bucket handle is also a brilliant way to represent the antenna.

The finished build. The Mech is very sturdy and stable on his legs. It is very impressive especially when viewed from the side like this.

The back view of the Mech. The golden spine make a fine finishing without leaving any anti studs. This shows how dedicated the designers want to make this mech complete.

These four minifigures are impressive and the colours are very striking especially the purple and trans yellow coloured villains.

In this set we have Golden Legacy Jay. Blue and gold. He has two golden katana slots in the double blade holder at his back. The helmet is nicely strapped with a blue ninja cloth leaving his eyes visible. He comes with two facial expressions and the torso prints are nice ninja robes.

Zane. He is a black and white minifigure with a grey katana and a metalic face. He comes with a ninja helmet and his own robotic grey hair. He has only one facial expression but the back of the head is also printed.

Ghoultar. He looks like a menacing ghost holding a double blade reaper knife. His head is trans yellow and the ghost legs is nicely coloured with purple and trans yellow. He has a purple Master Wu straw hat and the torso prints are great!

Soul Archer.This is an identical minifigure with Ghoultar, only with a different hairpiece and weapons. However both of them are very well done minifigures.

The scale of the Mech is huge compared to the minifigures which makes this set worth the price of $59.99 with a 840 piece count.

Here is how it looks like when Zane sits inside the cockpit.

Although the knee can’t be bent at 90 degrees, he is still able to sit on a box like this.

Hello brother, one day I will modify your knees.


I give this set a 4.9/5.0 score as the design of the Mech is very impressive with improved knees and posability. This set is worth for $59.99 USD but with 840 pieces you get a nice and sturdy Mech and stands as tall as the Hulkbuster Ultron Edition, but carries a much lower price tag. So to me, the main highlight of this set is the Mech and the minifigures combined.

Hope you enjoy my review. Thank you!

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of a review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.





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