Review of 71735 Tournament of Elements

“Black and White Guitar.”

First of all, a big thank you to LEGO for sending us this awesome set for review. The Tournament of Elements was a competition among the current generation of Elemental Masters, that was hosted by Master Chen in his temple featured in Season 4. Let’s see what’s inside this set.

The front of the box shows us the battle between the masters of elements inside Master Chen’s temple. It is shown that there are six minifigures in the set plus one Golden Lloyd Golden minifigure with stand to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Ninjago. He is one of the six collectible Golden minifigures to be collected in this Ninjago Legacy series.

The back of the box shows us the playability of the set and the minifigures in various scenes of battling each other.

We get three numbered bags and one instruction booklet with a sticker sheet(Meh)

The stickers are used to decorate the banners and the Spell book(one for the cover and one for the content).

Bag 1 build. Here we have part of the temple build, a Spinjitzu part, Eyezor and Kai alongside with Golden Lloyd Legacy minifigure with a 10th anniversary stand. That gold round 10th anniversary tile is printed!

Bag 2 builds the left side of the building and a tool to activate the Spinjitzu play function,  or you can put minifigure directly on it and slide through the rubber wheel for the action. Bag 2 gives us the appearance of Gravis and Jay.

Bag 3 gives us the entire building, Jacob and Bolobo. The second floor is completed now and I love that golden pillar at the center with dragon heads on the sides. The building looks simple but I think there is a possibility to get a few of the sets to combine them into a complete circular building like how it looks like in season 4. There is a surprise inside one of the white vases on the second floor (you can find Jay’s blade hidden inside one of the vase)

This is the ‘tool’ to spin the Spinjitzu by sliding the rubber wheel and you can attach the Spinjitzu tornado with minifigure to make them dizzy by spinning them. Haha

The completed build of 283 pcs and seven minifigures in the set. I think this is more of a minifigure pack with a rather simple build to tie it together unless you consider to expand the building with bricks of your own.

Before we go into the minifigures, this previously exclusive to LEGO IDEAS Steamboat Willie black and white guitar is now available in a smaller set! 25975pb02 Minifigure, Utensil Guitar Acoustic with Silver Strings, Black Tuning Knobs Pattern.

Eyezor, also known as Silvereye and Eyezor’rai in his Anacondrai form, was an acting general in Chen’s army. He is the villain in the show and this minifigure is the exact same one in 71736 but different from the one in 70476 with different facial expression and different necklace in the torso. The pointy sharp shoe prints are very nicely done too!

Bolobo, Elemental Master of Nature

Bolobo Elemental Master of Nature. Bolobo was born as the descendant of a previous Elemental Master of Nature where he is invited to participate in the tournament. After that he was defeated by Neuro who messed with his mind in the fight. This is his first appearance in LEGO set with the cave man hair piece and a staff of nature. I love his natural look with a scar on his face, tattoos on his torso and printed sand green legs.

Gravis, Elemental Master of Gravity

Gravis is the Elemental Master of Gravity who eventually lost to Griffin Turner in a battle to claim the Jadeblade. He is exclusive to the set and I think his head piece is a new recolour of the previous white turban of the Snake Charmer in Collectible Minifigures series 13. He has two facial expressions. On one side, he is smiling, and on the other side, it looks like he is closing his eyes casting a spell or whatnot. This is his first appearance in LEGO sets and currently exclusive to this set.

Jacob, Elemental Master of Sound

Jacob is the Elemental Master of Sound who lost to Skylor in the tournament. He is quite unique as he comes in this special black and white guitar which makes the one in Steamboat Willie’s set not exclusive anymore. Whoever wants a black and white guitar can get this set as a fairly cheaper option. This minifigure comes with dual expressions wearing a classy star shaped sunglasses. I like the colour of his outfit.

Jay, Elemental Master of Lightning

Jay is the current Elemental Master and ninja of lightning. He comes with dual facial expressions and this torso is the first appearance in this set. I love his nunchuck built using the light sabre hilt. This Jay appeared before in set 71699 Thunder Raider in 2020.

Kai, Elemental Master of Fire

Kai is currently the Elemental Master and Ninja of Fire, Nya’s brother, and Ray and Maya’s son. Red ninja with a scar on his right eye and a bandaid on his left forehead. This Kai is not a new Minifigure as it is the exact same one that has appeared in set 71704 Ninjago Legacy Kai Fighter.

Finally, here we are looking at the 10 years Ninjago Limited Edition golden Lloyd Legacy (1/6). This Lloyd variant has never appeared in any other set and I love the light tan hair with green hairband hair piece! The torso is very well printed with the dragon scale armor on his chest. The back of the torso is also printed with the Chinese/Kanji word ‘seven’. I really like the overall shiny golden look of this Minifigure. The stand is also a highlight of this Minifigure as there are green round 1×1 plates at the bottom to let you know that this stand is for Lloyd.


I give this set a 4.0/5.0 score as the design of the building is rather small and simple. However the minifigures are great in this set as we get four exclusive ones including that Golden Lloyd Legacy. Value wise, I find this set quite worth it as it sells for $29.99 USD as you get seven minifigures which comes along with that quite rarely found black and white guitar. So to me the main highlight of this set falls on the exclusive golden Minifigure and that guitar.

Hope you enjoy my review. Thank you!




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