LEGO will be introducing their next iteration of roads in the form of road plates in 2021.

There seems to be at least 4 City playsets that will incorporate this new road format from the off in January on top of the standalone road plate pack. From what we can see, there will be two main components for this format.

One will be a 16 x 16 plate with cutouts, unprinted
The other one will be a 8×16 plate with cutouts (printed with zebra stripes or unprinted)

These are the road plate pack and the 4 playsets available at launch.

60304 Road Plates

4pcs of 16×16 road plates
1pc of 8×16 printed road plate

60290 Skate Park

1pc of 16×16 road plate

60291 Family House

1pc of 16×16 road plate
1pc of 8×16 unprinted road plate

60292 Town Centre

3pcs of 16×16 road plates
1pc of printed 8×16 road plate
1pc of unprinted 8×16 road plate

60306 Shopping Street

2pcs of 16×16 road plate
1pc of 8×16 printed road plate

Picture shared by a fellow LEGO lover Credit Unknown

Based on early reviews of the road plates, the plates will be two studs tall with some cutouts for you to extend the road or to add things like humps, 2×4 road markings for major roads or just plain 2×4 tiles to make it like a pavement and the like. These cutouts have 2×4 technic plate feel to them with holes in the middle to make those additional items added easier to remove and changed up.

Here are some reviews of the 60304 Road Plates pack set that have been released by The New Elementary and Brickset.

What do you think of this new addition to the LEGO City theme?. Will it be worthwhile to change your whole layout for them? Will modular lovers be implementing this in their streets?



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