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Tampines Mall LEGO Certified Store opens its doors to the public!

LEGO lovers in the east of Singapore finally have something to cheer about amid the COVID-19 pandemic! The very first LCS in the east has opened up on the 23rd of October 2020.

Located in Tampines Mall Level 3 (same row as Toys R Us), this store features all the standard things you’d expect from a LEGO Certified Store as well as new features not to be missed.

Tampines Mall LCS Opening
Art Wall – Image Courtesy of The LEGO Group 2020

1. Singapore will have its first-ever LEGO Art wall in its LCS, built by passionate
Adult fans of LEGO.
Fans of pop culture, this is for you! Following the launch of LEGO Art in July this year,
the LCS at Tampines Mall will feature a LEGO Art wall with Star Wars-themed mosaics.
The pop culture theme will be refreshed from time to time to transform various cultural passions into art. So, here is your chance to snap some pictures with your favourite characters and be inspired by the creativity that is made possible with LEGO bricks.

Adult Corner – Image courtesy of The LEGO Group 2020

2. This is the first LCS in Singapore with a dedicated Adults Corner
Who says playing is only for kids? Enjoy your moment of zen and mindfulness, in the
shape of LEGO bricks, at the first Adults Corner in a Singapore LCS. Free your mind of
distractions and just focus on play. You can also look out for exciting new adult-
focused sets such as 31199 LEGO Marvel Studios Iron Man, 75290 LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina™, 10275 LEGO Elf Club House and many more.

Top Bestsellers Wall and Vertical Play Wall

3. A ‘playground’ for children
Shopping at a LCS can be as fun as building with LEGO bricks. To add interactivity and engagement in store for our young fans, a vertical play wall is the perfect canvas for them to Rebuild the World, taking inspiration from a part of it that has been completed by our adult fans. Otherwise, they can sit at the play table to get creative and build whatever they imagine or pose with the 3D LEGO City Policeman model at the store entrance.
(All play activities are not available now for safety of all shoppers and will resume
according to the government regulations.)

Pick a Brick Wall – Image Courtesy of The LEGO Group 2020

4. Bricks galore to build to your heart’s content
Every LCS features an iconic Pick-A-Brick wall that allows shoppers to fill a container
with as many bricks as they want and let their imagination run wild. Or take your pick
at the Build a Minifigure Station and customise your very own collectible.
(Approach staff for assistance as self-picking of bricks is not available now for safety of all shoppers. Self-picking of bricks at the Pick-a-Brick wall and Build a Minifigure Station will resume according to the government regulations.)

Digibox – Bring the Boxset to Life

5. Seeing is believing with our LEGO Digibox
Want to take a closer look at the final build product? Hold a LEGO box set to the
camera at our special interactive kiosk, Digibox, and visualise assembled models with
its intricate details in augmented reality before purchase. Alternatively, you can also
take inspiration from the many fully assembled models displayed at the store.

Image Courtesy of THE LEGO Group 2020

6. Get your hands on the LCS exclusive sets and LEGO extended lines
A one-stop shop where you can find the best LEGO collection including LCS exclusive
sets, the LCS will also house a Gift Centre where extended LEGO lines such as LEGO
Mugs, LEGO Keychains, and LEGO Brickheadz™ can be found to add to your collection.
Need some gift inspiration? Peek at the specially curated LEGO Top 10 best-selling sets on the Wall Bay. Fans can also join as LCS members to get their hands on newly
launched sets weeks before the official LEGO Global launch dates.

Additional Fun Fact
It is the largest LCS in Singapore in terms of shelf space.

Here is the full address :

LEGO Certified Store
4 Tampines Central 5,
#03-20, Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510



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