The LEGO House is extending an open invitation to all Adult Fans of LEGO around the world for a live day out at the LEGO House.

Below is a summary of the events lined up for Fan Day 2020. Entrance is free as long as you have an internet connection and a computer/smartphone.

1.30 PM CEST (7.30pm Singapore time) Hello and welcome by Managing Director of LEGO House Jesper Vilstrup.

1.35 PM CEST (7.35pm Singapore time) Interview with Julia Goldin, CMO and EVP of the LEGO Group. (Taking questions from the public)

2.00 PM CEST (8.00pm Singapore time) Q&A-session with Poul Schou, Senior Vice President for product development in the LEGO Group

2.45 PM CEST (8.45pm Singapore time) LEGO House Master builder Stuart Harris will introduce some of the new MOCs which have just now been installed

3.00 PM CEST (9.00pm Singapore time) Meet Kim Yde Larsen, Nanna Mazanti Drejer Friborg and Thomas Folit to get insights on LEGO Building Instructions

3.45 PM CEST (9.45pm Singapore time) Stephan Sander from Skærbæk Fan Weekend will talk about the 2020 situation and explain what happened

4.00 PM CEST (10.00pm Singapore time) Q&A with Bjarke Schønwandt, Director for Consumer Perceived Quality 

5.00 PM CEST (11.00pm Singapore time) End of session and goodbye from today’s host, Play Agent Emil Saabye.

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