Hothbricks has reported on a potential Gift with Purchase from the LEGO Star Wars line. The Yoda’s Lightsaber is placed on a simple stand and comes with what looks like a printed placard explaining what it is, though we won’t be surprised if it was a sticker.

These types of approximately 1:1 lightsaber builds have been shared around AFOL communities for a very long time and this is the first official LEGO release of such a design. Time will tell if LEGO will release other models of the lightsaber which will then trigger the collector’s mindset in us all.

This year, LEGO has already released the “Helmet” collection which gives AFOL’s display options for the Empire side of the equation so maybe this will be the start of Alliance based displays?

Fans are thinking that this set could be a gift with purchase for the upcoming Mos Eisley Cantina release but it could also be something along the lines of a VIP Black Card gift like the 5005747 VIP Frame last year. We will update this article once more details are released.

**The images above are clean renders from Actual box and piece count may not look like this.


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