Every few years, in this decade, LEGO has released several sets that feature several buildings, vehicles and minifigures, just big enough to make a town square/meeting point scene.

60026 Town Square (2013) – 914pcs | 9 minifigures
60097 City Square (2015) – 1683pcs | 14 minifigures
60200 Capital City (2018) – 1211pcs | 13 minifigures
60271 Main Square (2020) – 1517pcs |14 minifigures

The release of the LEGO Store exclusive 60271 Main Square is no different, although in this set, LEGO spiced things up with characters and sets from the LEGO City Adventures that premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on 22nd of June 2019. Let’s see what’s inside this set, shall we?

Box Experience

The box art uses the tried and true LEGO CITY blue colour scheme, with props from the cartoon used as the background to make the LEGO builds pop. Immediately, the town hall and the tram grabs our attention. Here, we are also introduced to the six named Minifigures at the bottom of the front box art. Their names are Mayor Fleck, Harl Hubbs, Poppy Starr, Snake Rattler, Duke Detain and Freya McCloud.

The Build Together method is also highlighted. This means that each build and instructions will probably be individualised so that there can be tandem building with your family.
The back of the box shows us the various play features and possible role play actions of the set. I personally love the yellow tram but the tracks they run on seem to be just drawings, does this mean there are none in the set??

The side features a 1:1 Mayor Fleck image along with a scene of an open air concert park view.

Contents of the box

Sticker sheet. At this price tag, I would have preferred all of these to be printed printed rather than stickers. Most of these stickers seem to be for vehicles and food items

Also inserted is a HUGE flyer for a kids go free with an adult ticket to ALL LEGOLAND RESORTS. This is new to me, where LEGO is generous enough to give a free voucher for kids in a LEGO set. The expiry date is 2023 which provides ample time for us to use it as this set will be exclusively on LEGO Store shelves starting 1st September 2020.

Instruction booklets. We get 8 booklets in the set. In the first few pages of the booklet you can see the new style of presentation of ‘which bag gets which build’ which allows one person to concentrate on one building/vehicle while another one builds another bag.

As well, you get a cute little cartoon strip to further encourage family building. The minifigures looks so cute! We have a total of 14 bags with 2 un-numbered bags in this set.

The Build

Have a glance of all the Minifigures included in this set. There are 6 named minifigures, 8 generic ones, one light bluish grey statue, a cat and a seagull. I love that flaming marshmallow on the coffee cup which was first introduced in 2019 and is only ever included in two sets (including this one) thus far though we will probably see it getting mileage in more sets in the future.

Bag 1 build. Here we have a red motorcycle for Snake Rattler, a blue police buggy for Duke and a multi purpose cart for Harl Hubbs. My favourite here is the mop and the printed popcorn 1×1 brick which are parts of the seemingly random items on the multi purpose cart (Part number 6253658).

The minifigures in this bag. From Left we have Snake Rattler, the only villain in the set. He is wearing a black jacket covering his striped prison shirt inside. The eye patch print is also very nice. Harl Hubbs is the only minifigure with printed legs  ub the whole set which includes a printed belt. However, he has another “Batman utility belt” in brown on top of the printed one. His pen is leaking through his shirt pocket! The third Minifigure is Duke Detain, a short sleeved shirt wearing cop in this set. The vest is very well printed on his torso. His hais perm looks rad, Cool sunglasses too.

The back of the minifigures. The snake at the back of Snake Rattler is stylized to resemble a dollar sign. Both Harl and Duke have alternate facial expressions and Duke looks funny without his sunglasses.

Bag 2 build. Here we have a red helicopter with a net attached to the side of the fire rescue vehicle. The cockpit fits only one Minifigure and the tail part of the helicopeter is printed. Careful with your coffee Freya!

Bag 3 build. This is Mayor Fleck’s personal limousine with the driver. The license plate is the set number, stickered on the front and back of the long, black vehicle.

The black and yellow colour scheme is very nice, especially the pearl gold rims of the tyres that matches the yellow racing stripe of the limo.

The interior of the limo is neat and filled with appropriate detailing even though it’s only 4 studs wide. The cluster console at the driver’s area and the computer screen at the passenger room are printed elements.

Bag 4 build. This is a City Diner with a giant burger build on top of the building. The stickers on the glasses panels are really a necessity to sell the shopfront feeling of the diner.

Back of the diner : Inside the diner we have a small kitchen with a saucepan and 2 cups. The classic red and yellow 1×1 roudn bricks with white pin holder really make amazing mustard and ketchup condiment bottles. There is another mini burger build on the table and the giant burger is attached to the roof with a technic element.

She is happy with the lunch she ordered. I thought we already had printed buns introduced in Scooby Doo sets?

Minifigures of bag 2, 3 and 4. Waitress, Freya McCloud and the limousine driver. Freya is my favourite Minifigure in the set. The coffee splash on her face is really hilarious and the print is superb! Her torso is also very nicely printed. One more thing I love here is her cup with that flaming marshmallow. Too cute!

The waitress and Freya have dual printed faces and look how nice her green frame glasses looks before the coffee splash. The waitress of the diner has a splendid smile and the back torso is also well printed with blue stripes and the red scarf. The limo driver doesn’t have alternate facial expression.

Bag 5 build. This is a simple yet quaint build of a park on a 16×16 plate. That statue is handcuffed with his hands on the back and a sword in front of him. I wonder why they do this to him? Perhaps this is explained in the animation?
However I love the blue red yellow flags garlands across the park connected to both the lamp posts diagonally which gives it a party atmosphere.

Top view of the park. Zoom in and you can see that there is a printed 1×1 waffle and a pie on the red table. To me, I really love the flags and the overall build of this park.

Minifigures of bag 5. The family consists of Dad, Mum, brother and sister. A quick look through LEGO City wiki shows that this could represent Marc and Ann McCloud and the kids could be Billy McCloud and his friend Madison Yay. That grey statue with a forestman hat has no print on him so monochrome hunters, what are you waiting for? The only exception to the monochrome-ness is that dark bluish gray bit on the hands.

Dad, Mum and Sister all have alternate facial expressions. Dad looks very happy here. For mum, the sleeping facial expression should be quite versatile.

Bag 6 build. A simple concert stage with 2 large speakers, a mic stand and colourful spot lights. The function of the yellow barricade? Poppy Starr is too famous!

Bag 7, 8, and 9 build. This is probably the best part of the set. I love the tram and the station looks marvelous too! There are two vending machines selling Vita Rush orange juice (printed), a timetable for the tram (sticker) and an ATM looking machine on the right of the station (printed)

The stickers look good here. The girl with her hearing aid is patiently waiting for the tram to arrive. I believe that this is the first time that people with hearing impairments are featured in a LEGO set. Good job on the inclusion!

Here it is! The yellow tram. Our fears are confirmed, it’s not a monorail but more of a tram. It has two symmetrical segments making its front and back connected with a small segment at the centre of the tram with 4 ball joints. The trans black windows and doors are very nice paired with the yellow colour scheme of the tram.

Open up the tram, there is a printed console in front of the driver seat and here you can appreciate the ball joints better.

The tram looks spacious on the inside but there are only 2 seats available in each segment.

The train conductor is happily driving the tram to fetch you to your destination.

The minifigures of bag 6, 7, 8 and 9. I think the main highlight of this set is that  LEGO includes a Minifigure with hearing aid for the first time. That Behind the Ear blue hearing aid is attached at the right ear of the Minifigure and it is currently exclusive to the set. Poppy Starr is singing with her eyes closed and her torso is very nicely printed with her concert outfit with the azure blue theme carrying through the vest, guitar and hair of Poppy. The guitar is a plain blue part with no printings and I kinda love her blue hair. The torso of the train conductor is very detailed and if you zoom in, you’ll see his orange dotted tie, lanyard with his tag, and a pocket filled with a ticket and a pen.

Only Poppy Starr has an alternate facial expression. The love sign at the back of her torso is also a very nice touch to her outfit.

Bag 10 – 14 build. This is the largest build of the set. The town hall with two green doors and detachable windows by using the chain on Snake Rattler’s bike. The part that I like about this build is the pearl gold nano figure on top of the doors equipped with two Wolverine’s claws. The clock on top of the building should be PRINTED! We get a sticker instead.

The back of the town hall build. The ground floor consists of 3 ‘rooms’ keeping one trophy, one golden cup and a key each. The key to the town is placed in a transparent case heavily guarded with 3 rotating ‘light sabres’, maybe representing a laser motion detection alarm? and a CCTV. We wonder what’s the significance of the golden elements in the side rooms? It’s probably a plot in the animation. The office of Mayor Fleck occupies the first floor and there is a small empty room at the rooftop, perhaps to store some maintenance supplies. The build is tall and wide but I feel that the town hall somehow feels a bit bland on the outside. However, it does lend a certain gravitas to the set and is undoubtedly the centrepiece.

See how hardworking our #1 Mayor is?
Mayor Fleck: I need some fresh air.

Mayor Fleck only has one facial expression. He is wearing a #1 Mayor diagonal sash underneath that corn suit. The corn suit actually uses the same mould with the Collectilble Minifigures Series 17 version. Over here, it’s dark green instead of of the light green for the husk while the fruit is dark yellow instead of light yellow.

There are 8 Minifigure in this set with 2 facial expressions.

Other Matters

In this set, we noticed that the bicycle included looks to be from a new improved mold.

After comparison, the main distinguishable that we could find was that the  new mould has bigger opening for the back wheel of the bicycle. This seems to have improved the moulding flow and removed the unsightly sink mark next to the bike stand. The difference is insignificant but it’s just an interesting finding to show TLG’s continual improvement processes at work.


Overall this set is a great LEGO city set but I think it is quite expensive (USD199.99) . I believe that some will wait until a clearance sale to get it. However the minifigures are very nicely printed and the tram is an amazing build! I think this 1517 pieces set is mainly targeted at LEGO City Adventures fan. Kids can build them together as the builds are separated by books and bags.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Thank you!

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of a review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.



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