LEGO quietly develops protective glasses to help Danish hospitals in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus spread is affecting everyone globally with some countries having taken drastic measures like introducing nationwide lockdowns and restriction of movement on their residents.

via Region Syddanmark FB page

The healthcare sector in every country is also bearing the brunt of the virus with capacity issues and facing severe shortage of protective equipment for their frontline staff.
Companies from different sectors are chipping in by making an extra effort using their existing setup and expertise to help the fight against the virus, like tech company Razer who are converting their peripherals manufacturing line into mask production lines and luxury goods company LVMH converting their perfume production into production of hand sanitizers for donation to the public and the healthcare sector.

The Region of Southern Denmark council has revealed in a Facebook post that The LEGO Group has quietly worked on and developed a type of protective glasses that protects the facial area of healthcare workers. Currently, it’s being tested out at hospitals at the Isle of Fyn in Denmark. If all goes well, these protective glasses will be distributed to the coronavirus departments in the hospitals in Denmark.

“Stay safe and stay at home”


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