March 19th 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series and to celebrate this milestone, the first-ever Minifigure Madness Tournament has begun. LEGO fans will be able to vote for your favourite Minifigures from 64 pre-selected minifigures representing Series 1 through Series 20 (releasing soon) The tournament comes region brackets. And with region brackets come matchups. And with matchups comes a champion!

They are grouped into four regions:

Getups – Crazy fun costumed characters
Sportsball – Athletes and sports-themed characters
Time Machine – Realistic characters from history
Cosmos – Sci-Fi and space-themed characters

Voting will take place on LEGO’s Twitter. 64 minifigures will start. Only 1 will survive. Which Minifigure will come out on top? Follow the tournament here. Here is the tournament bracket (Zoom-able 9MB PDF)


We actually like Hazmat Suit Guy but he didn’t make the cut 🙁


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