EnBlock Brick Con 2020 will be held at the Singapore National Library Building from 11th of April 2020 till 12th of April 2020. You can expect to be wowed by LEGO builds and fun activities.

Date/Time :
11 April 2020, 12noon to 6.30pm, VIP auction at 7pm;
12 April 2020, 12noon to 6.30pm
Venue :
Drama Centre Level 5 @ National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street, 188064 Singapore
Paid admission : $6 per person

Other planned events
Free Toy Photography workshop
Half Price Leather crafting workshop
Prizes for contests and activities.
Free polybags for kids (happens throughout the event)

The event organisers are conscious of the current global COVID-19 situation and have set up cautionary steps as outlines below, inline with current government advisory’s

EnBlock 2020 COVID-19 Precautionary Measures - from The EnBlock Brick Convention Organizing Comittee

1. All tickets were sold via Shopee, we have the contact details of all attendees to facilitate contact tracing, if necessary.

2. There are 2 corridors of 5-10m in length separated by glass doors leading up to the event venue. At the entrance of the first corridor, we will be doing temperature checks. We have multiple queues to facilitate a fast and smooth walk through. Adults with temperature above 37 degrees and kids with temperature above 37.2 degrees will be turned away.

3. After clearing temperature checks. We have another station for sanitation and issuance of masks before passing through the first glass door into the second corridor. Yes, we have procured face mask for EVERYONE, both builders and public. This meant that by the time anyone pass into the second corridor, they would have been certified safe and have already masked up.

4. They will then be issued with a colored sticker to indicate the time that they enter our event and their BATCH NUMBER. The public will only be allowed a 1.5 hour entry time in our event, after which, our event staff will usher them out based on their batch number.

5. We will then be SPRAY-DISINFECTING the entire premise, before letting the next batch of attendees in for the next round. This process will repeat 3 times throughout the day, at 2 hours interval, with last entry at 4.00pm (as we close at 6.30).
Batch 1: 12noon to 1.30pm, 1.30 – 2.00pm disinfecting
Batch 2: 2.00pm to 3.30pm, 3.30pm to 4.00pm disinfecting
Batch 3: 4.00pm to 6.00pm, 6.00 – 6.30pm disinfecting
VIP auction commences at 7.00pm

6. Unfortunately, we will no longer be provisioning tea breaks and AFOL dinner in light of covid-19, so that we don’t have to remove our masks, or risk cross contamination during meal times, we seek your understanding regarding this.

7. We will also be removing any communal play tubs and engagement activities that requires people to touch the same pool of bricks, so as to negate possibility of cross contamination. All engagement activities will be non-contact.

Here are some pictures taken at the 2019 EnBlock Brick Con from Lobinhoot Productions


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