Lego Legacy

LEGO LEGACY : HEROES UNBOXED is now launched worldwide. Available on iOS, Android and Windows, this will be a online only, turn based RPG featuring LEGO minifigures and LEGO themes from the past and the present, done Gacha style. Similar games from the same genre include Summoners War, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Marvel Strike Force.

We have been playing it since soft launch last year so here are some basic information as well as tips and tricks to get you started in the game. You control a team of maximum 5 (or 6) minifigure heroes to battle against another team controlled by AI(the computer). At the start, the game will guide you slowly by letting you access only certain areas of the game but ultimately these are the things you can access.

For PvE (Player vs Environment)

Campaign mode
Glyph Hunt – Explorer Type heroes only
Piptown United – Builder Type heroes only
Monolith Waste – All hero types
Challenges change daily.
Training type changes daily
Special events may happen from time to time to award you with tiles to “build” a special hero if you complete the event by the stipulated duration. Thus far, at least Spooky Girl and Yeti have been made available only via these special events.
This provide buffs to your team. Choose the set that your team will take to battle before the start of the battle.

For pseudo PvP (Player vs Player) 


5 battles daily allocated to improve your rank from Bronze III (Top 10,000) to Platinum I (1st)
We believe that once 10,000 players are reached in the first arena bracket, new players will be placed in another arena bracket.

Game currencies (used in the Shop)

Gold – awarded for every win and other activities
Arena Coins – awarded daily based on arena rank at cutoff time and also 100 coins awarded if you finish all daily quests
Mashup Coins – awarded for every win in Mashup mode
Guild Coins – awarded if a fellow guildmate engages your shared hero for battle
Scrolls – awarded by winning battles in PvE
Gems – awarded from multiple sources, also can be purchased with real world money.

General information

Current maximum player cap is level 50. Increase your player level by completing activities in the game.
Increase your hero power by leveling up from level 1-50 (requires coins and scrolls). Your hero’s max level is based on your player level.
Increase your hero star level by collecting the respective tiles. Some hero tiles are gated with certain activities like Redbeard only available through collection of dailies and Magisto only through completion of achievements.
Guilds open up at player level 12
Arena opens up at player level 18

Basic Tips

1) Generic composition of your team normally consists of a Tank (High HP) a Healer/Support and Attackers/DPS.
2) DO complete your dailies to collect gems
3) Current maximum player cap is level 50
4) Increase your hero power by leveling up from level 1-50 (requires coins and scrolls)
5) DON’T splurge your gold/currencies on just about any gear, star up any hero or sets that you are not planning to use immediately. There are just too many, so pick your choices wisely for your PvE and PvP experience.
6) DON’T use your gems on gear or hero tiles unless absolutely necessary
7) DO focus on only a few heroes. Take a glance at the arena tables to have a rough gauge on which heroes are worth to upgrade and which are not
8) This may change with content balancing but a good guide will be to consider only spending your arena coins on Lloyd (for defense) or Firefighter Ash (for attack) (Choose and focus on one!)
9) At present, early characters that are still super usable in the endgame include Spaceman Reed, Hiker and Burnabus.

See you in the game. (Oh, and you use the brick separators by dragging them onto the sets)


Join the official Discord channel to ask for help from friendly(mostly) folk playing and developing the game.




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