We got a hold of a 854011 Eiffel Tower early from LEGO for a review. This is the second local landmark/attraction in recent memory done in a similar format. The first was the London Bus Magnet  from 2019

The packaging is a huge upgrade over the London Bus magnet as the bricks are now covered by a pretty nice artwork of the Eiffel Tower build on top of a Paris Postcard. This ties in pretty accurately to our mental image of landmark/attraction magnets; as souvenirs or keepsakes that you get while on holidays. However, we are told that it will not be limited to France and will actually instead be sold at LEGO stores worldwide.

Contents are simple : a bag of bricks, an instruction leaflet, a sticker (with a very thick hardy liner) and a red 4x4x1 magnet brick (not shown in this picture but shown visibly in the blister pack type packaging).

Completed build is pretty cute, you have the Eiffel Tower among some greenery and backed by a blue sky with a fluffy cloud with an oversized flag of France attached to the tower. We are pleasantly surprised that the textures of a few well placed elements make for a pretty recognizable rendition of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe the sytlized “Bonjour” sticker across a 1×8 red tile completes the picture in the mind.

The LEGO Eiffel Tower magnet doesn’t look out of place at all among our other souvenir landmark/attraction magnets. This is a nice release from LEGO and also might act as a backup plan for visitors to Paris who forgot to get souvenirs while holidaying 🙂




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