Let’s meet the cast of the LEGO MASTERS USA Season 1 which began airing at Fox on the 5th of February 2020. In all, there are 10 teams of 2 in a competition that pits each team against each other in a thematic build off(s)/challenge in each episode. It is hosted by Will Arnett and will be judged by Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett.

Guest judges will include Mayim Bialik, Terry Crews, Nicole Byer, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

The Bearded Builders

Boone (35) & Mark (36)
Hometowns: Troutdale, OR and Oregon City, OR
Occupations: Pre-K Teacher and HVAC Installer
Strengths: Technical builds / Apocalyptic worlds

Clark Kent & Superman

Christian (23) & Aaron (24)
Hometowns: Louisville, KY and Manchester, NH
Occupations: Army Sergeant and LEGO Educator
Strengths: Vehicle builds / Complex shaping

East Coast Bricksters

Mel (39) & Jermaine (37)
Hometowns: Glen Burnie, MD and Bronx, NY
Occupations: Law Enforcement and Technical Cell Phone Consultant
Strengths: Great storytellers / Tall skyscraper buildings

The Newlyweds

Tyler (32) & Amy (28)
Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Occupations: Model Designer and Piano Teacher
Strengths: Sculpting, capturing shape and movement / Resourcefulness

The Unicorns

Krystle (30) & Amie (34)
Hometowns: Dallas, TX
Occupations: Gaming Designer and Software Engineer
Strengths: Great storytelling / Character assembly

Brothers Who Brick

Travis (29) & Corey (34)
Hometowns: Irvington, NJ and Monmouth Junction, NJ
Occupations: Preschool Teacher and LEGO Engineering Instructor
Strengths: Creativity & ingenuity / Speed

The Eccentrics

Sam (45) & Jessica (29)
Hometowns: Los Angeles, CA and Redding, CT
Occupations: Set Builder and Artist
Strengths: Ingenuity / Storytelling

Married Thespians

Flynn (52) & Richard (52)
Hometowns: Oakland, CA
Occupations: LEGO Engineering Teacher K-6 and Theatrical Lighting Designer
Strengths: Artistic Look / EV3 builds with sensors and motors

The Higher the Hair the Closer to God

Jessie (48) & Kara (49)
Hometowns: Captain Cook, HI and Rogers, AR
Occupations: Administrative Assistant and Retail Manager & Landscape Company
Strengths: Team communication / Focus

Father & Son BFFS

Manny (35) & Nestor (65)
Hometowns: Bethlehem, PA
Occupations: Barber and Retired Truck Driver
Strengths: Organic builds / Mini-figurine character development

Want to know more about the contestants? Head on here for on-site interviews with the contestants.



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