Review of 40375 Sports Accessories and 40376 Botanical Accessories

These two polybags will be released in 2020 and are priced at £3.99/$3.99/3.99€ . The polybags uses the same grey colour scheme background as the others in the XTRA line.

40375 – Sports Accessories

This 40375 polybag has 36 pieces and we can see archery, hockey and ski equipment included in this bag.

The leaflet only shows the build of the archery target without showing instructions to build the goal. I suppose the goal build is self explanatory so I’m not complaining. Haha.

 A glance at other LEGO XTRA polybags.
A glance at other LEGO XTRA polybags.

The parts included here are very nice accessories if you want to add details to your winter/artcic minifigures or if you are building a sports equipment shop modular. To me, the special parts here are the black ice skate footgear, azure 6L ski, dark bluish grey 3L ski poles, red roller skates, hockey sticks, a trophy and the printed bullseye.

The minibuild of the set includes the archery target and the red hockey goal. Part highlighted here are the ice hockey sticks with the new mold and looks to be currently still ‘exclusive’ to this polybag with part number 64000 (inclusion into the bricklink database is pending approval). The difference from the old mold is that the current one has a curvier profile at the base of the stick and sportier profiles added to the part compared to the old 93559 flat hockey stick.

This is a comparison picture of the difference of the new ice hockey stick mold. LEGO added the curve at the bottom and changed the handle rings. (Image of ice hockey stick part 64000 was taken from Bricklink) Subtle changes were made, but it does give the ice hockey stick a more 3D look.

**The minifigures are not included in this polybag
This picture shows how they look like when you put them on the minifigures. (I don’t think Elsa needs those though, hehe)

40375 – Botanical Accessoreis

This polybag looks green and great for garden MOCs. 32 pieces at the same pricing.

It came with a simple instruction too.

The parts here are mostly trees, plants and fences if you want to build a garden. White coloured leaves are included so I suppose you can use them for different seasons.

The builds in this set are simple but that suits the whole purpose of the XTRA theme, which we trust is to add extra small details to the collection of the LEGO lover. It is pretty similar to the first botanical accessories release in the XTRA theme, with some changes in the for the flowers and fences and changes to some of the elements given.


These two polybags are very good addition to MOCers’ parts inventory. Other than that, they are not really targeted for collectors unless they want to add accessories for their minifigures and for example add more trees and plants to the Ferris Wheel set. Price wise is quite worth it compared to if you were to ‘bricklink’ them separately, it will cost you much more at the shipping and handling column. So I think these polybags are still a great way to find parts especially when you need them ‘urgently’. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my review!

The sets used for the review were sent to us by The LEGO Group. Provision of any set do not in any way influence our opinions or guarantee a positive review.


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