Along with the opening of the new LEGO campus in Billund, Denmark recently; a new car park was also commissioned and some design details were published by Dezeen recently.

The car park was designed by RAVN Arkitektur but the real scene stealer is probably the facade of the whole building which was created by CEBRA. Inspired by the LEGO City road baseplates, these aluminium panels adorning the exterior of the car park are basically up-scaled versions of those baseplates.

The bigger perforated holes represent the studs showing on the baseplates. As a design intent, the smallest perforated holes used for the road markings are the exact size to fit the studs of a regular LEGO brick!

On the topic of the design inspiration, CEBRA founding partner Mikkel Frost says,

“First of all, they are clearly a LEGO product while at the same time they have to do with traffic and driving. But they also turn out to be extremely flexible in terms of designing a versatile and interesting facade pattern even though there are only a few different plates. My favourite detail is the solitary, circular road appearing as a dot on the elevation.”

If you happen to visit the LEGO House, do consider taking a look at it as well as the LEGO campus which are both located less than 1km away and probably will take about a 10 mins walk.

Photography by Adam Mørk.



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