Upcoming 2020 Wedding and Seasonal Brickheadz have been found by Eurobricks user Dreamshade on sale at a monobrand LEGO store in Europe.

First off, we have customizable 40383 Bride and 40384 Groom sets which comes with extra parts to change the hair and skin tone of the matrimonial Brickheadz. This harkens  to the very good Go Brick Me set that’s still currently on sale.

Next we have the next seasonal Brickheadz of which 3 are revealed. A Bear, a sheep and a Lucky Cat.

Dreamshade has provided a closer look at that view of the amazing Lucky Cat, a recreation of the Maneki-Neko/Beckoning Cat as well as what looks like a special commemorative brickheadz in the shape of a Sheep (note the special golden 100 graphic used)

We are guessing the Bear will be for Valentines and the Lucky Cat will be for the Lunar New Year.

news via thebrickfan


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