THE LEGO GROUP has recently announced that they will produce a fan designed SESAME STREET inspired LEGO set. This is from their fan design submission platform, LEGO IDEAS.

Fan designer, Ivan Guerrero(bulldoozer21) who hails from the Philippines submitted his idea to the platform in October 2017 and after a long journey, finally made the 10,000 vote milestone in May 2019 which allowed it to be reviewed by the review board. It was announced to be a successful project via FB live stream from the LEGO House on the 26 of September 2019.

Mr. Guerrero, a commercial filmmaker by trade, took several months to conceptualize and design the set which consists of approximately 2,945pcs. He even gave consistent updates to his project and additional ideas based on new LEGO pieces that have been introduced since his original submission including the purple hairpiece that was introduced with THE LEGO MOVIE 2 in 2019 which fits Abby Cadabby to a tee.

As usual, LEGO might change some elements to make the set viable for mass production and ensure all reliability and safety guidelines are met but we are anticipating high demand for the set as the generation who grew up with Big Bird, Oscar, Bert, Ernie and the rest of the gang on Sesame Street would be more than happy to share it with the next generation.

Mr. Guerrero had previously gave a brief insight into the project via the 10k club series on the LEGO IDEAS blog. Link to the interview here and also provided loads of updates to his project and interesting trivia on Sesame Street here.



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