This will be a pictorial review of one of the Gift with Purchase sets for September 2019, the 40336 LEGO Newbury Juice Bar.


This set is parts of the new for 2019 theme – Hidden Side and features 2 minifigures and and features a total piece count of 127 pieces. The boxart shares the same design concept with the rest of the Hidden Side theme which shows the set primarily in the “Ghost” Newbury which has been exposed by one of the two main characters in the normal Newbury (in this instance, it’s Parker) with their smartphones.

40336 Newbury Juice Bar Box
40336 Newbury Juice Bar Box
40336 Newbury Juice Bar Box

Contents include 2 bags of elements, an instruction manual and a sticker sheet with 7 stickers.

40336 Newbury Juice Bar Contents

Set includes 2 minifigures. The male minifigure named Rocky sports a stardard barista costume first introduced for The LEGO Movie 2 while Parker sports a very detailed denim jacket and pants combo with a black T-Shirt and a yellow beanie. Both torsos are tastefully printed at the back and feature alternate expressions

Minifigures Front
Minifigures Back
Minifigures Alt Expression

An additional Gloom Head and Headpiece are given to show that Rocky is possessed.

Additional Gloom Head
Additional Gloom Head Alternate Expression
Main Build

The Juice bar resembles a capsule with a rounded roof and sports a main colour scheme of black and bright orange and features a juicer machine on both sides of the bar. The top of the bar has two bow like shapes that sticks out on the roof, literally. This build was done by my 7 year old and it didn’t give him much trouble (except for the stickers on the curved areas)

Main Build

Once the gaudily coloured(on purpose?) awning is opened up, you’ll reveal the hidden side, the juice bar is actually a possessed by the Gloom! The back of the juice bar is pretty bland and it’s interesting that the designers decided to colour it up with two stickers.

Hidden side exposed
Juice Bar Back

As a gift with purchase, the Newbury Juice bar is a pretty awesome set with a lot of elements and two! minifgures. At present this set has no specific AR missions on the Hidden Side app so we’ll have to make do with only the physical Hidden Side play feature which is pretty awesome by itself. This set gets a solid 4 stars from us as a Gift With Purchase set.


Gift with Purchase details :

Free with minimum purchase of
S$80 (Singapore 02 Sept 2019 till 30 Sept 2019)
RM279.90 (Malaysia 02 Sept 2019 till 30 Sept 2019)
USD50 (USA 02 Sept 2019 till 15 Sept 2019)


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