There’s an interesting gift with purchase going on in South Korea in conjunction with the Chuseok festival (Autumn’s Eve) from 5th September 2019 while stocks last. For purchases totaling 80,000 KRW (~70USD), you will get a minifigure travel pack which consists of:

1) A transparent zipper bag
2) A cute debossed faux leather LEGO Passport cover with a minifigure at the frong and a plane at the back
3) A City Space 30365 Polybag-Space Satellite
4) Some random LEGO elements

Outlets that are part of this promotion are LEGO stores, eMart, HomePlus and Toys R Us

* 오프라인: 레고 공식 스토어(명동점/잠실점/고양점/판교점/인천점/대구점/부산점) 및 전국 이마트, 홈플러스, 롯데마트(토이저러스) 등
* 온라인: 토이저러스 온라인몰

Fellow LAN Ambassador Brian Yu has shared in more detail pictures of his personal haul on Facebook. The cover looks aesthetically good but we are not too sure if it will withstand the rough and tumble of actual travel use but we’d be happy to be proven otherwise.

South Korea has been known to give highly customised freebies before this including engraved tumblers etc so while we do not place high hopes that this particular GWP will make it to other regions worldwide but there’s always a chance!

Special thanks to Brian for his pictures.


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