LEGO Tower, the mobile game from the Nimblebit, makers of Tiny Tower has been released on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We have spent a couple of weeks on the game from the open beta testing phase and we have compiled several tips and tricks that will help all gamers and LEGO lovers to start on their journey.


Complete the tutorial to gain access to more options
you will start off with very basic minimal options in the menu (4 buttons only) but you’ll get access to all the options including adding friends after you complete the tutorial (after the 4th floor is built)

Don’t put your residents in the wrong floor!
As at version 1.10 of the game, remember to put the residents received from your friends in your Residential Floors (Make sure you have space!) If you mistakenly put them at their dream jobs,  they will be treated as visitors and will exit the tower soon after visiting and will be gone from the game forever! You don’t want to lose that sweet 900 rent Banana minifigure that your friend graciously gave you 🙁

Upgrade your elevators/lifts!
Do not neglect upgrading your elevators/lifts as they are your main active coin generators. Do this as well in parallel with buying new vehicles. We finished purchasing all vehicles before we reached 3.75-4.25x elevator speed. You’ll max out the elevator upgrades at 10x

Maxing out your elevators should be one of your main priorities

Bux and Coins
Bux is the ingame currency used for Blind Bag purchases, Elevator/Life upgrades, Vehicle Upgrades and to speed up progress or stocking.
Bux can either be earned in game via missions or by lucky random elevator stops at levels with a Bux symbol on it.
In App purchases of Bux are also available via Lost and Found or Bux Shop. There is no passive way to earn Bux at this moment.

Coins are the ingame currency used to build new tower floors.
Coins are earned passively via rental (Daily) or workplace earnings
Coins are earned actively by activating the elevator for your visitors so that they reach their intended floor. The higher the floor, the more coins you get. Upgraded lifts increase the speed as well as the number of coins you get.

The number of coins for each visit can be derived from this formula

(5 + speed/2) * (10 + goldbricks) * floor
Example : Elevator speed is 5.00, 0 goldbricks and you land at floor 20 :
(5+5/2) * (10+0) * 20 = 1500 coins

The lifeblood of Tiny Tower and LEGO Tower. Upgrade them to gain more speed and a higher coin multiplier. You will max out at 10x.

Purchase of increasingly expensive vehicles by way of Bux lets you gain access to regular missions that reward you with increasingly more Bux

Placement of Floors
To maximize the coins gained by the visits from other players, it would be beneficial to place all your residential floors lower than your lowest commercial floor. A player visitor will always go to a commercial floor so by padding the lower floors with residences, they will be “forced” to go higher and giving you a higher coin return.

**This does not apply to visits from a computer generated visitor or your visits to your friends. These visits can go to either a commercial or a residential floor.

Residential Floors
Each residential floor can hold 5 residents. Each resident has a random different rent value ranging from 60 to 900 coins
Each resident takes up one space in your residential floors. If there is an empty slot in your residential floors and the elevator stops at that floor, the visitor riding the elevator will become a resident of your tower (This does not apply to visits from other players)

Commercial Floors
Residents can be put to work in various commercial floors that are broadly categorized into Creative, Services, Retail, Recreation and Food and for each worker, you will get a net of 12 coins/min as long as the stock level is sufficient. Stocking is done via a tap and does not use up any bux or coins.
For each work floor, there is a cap of three workers who each have a specific task as well as a specific duration (differs with every floor) in which the stocks will last for.
You can increase the time the stocks last by spending bux and this increases the stock by 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x maxing out at 25x without any gold bricks.
A Gold Brick commercial floor instantly gives a 100x stock.

If you put a resident in their dream job, they will give you 3x as more passive rental income daily.

Gold Bricks
At 50 levels/floors, you will be given an option to rebuild (Via the Rebuild button), by rebuilding you will lose all levels previously built as well as all your residents but will gain a golden brick which you can use on either a residential floor or a commercial floor.

A residential floor golden brick enables you to generate full rent (900 coins) minifigures if you send your gifted minifigures there or if your random visitors land on that floor. You get an additional 3x multiplier if your residents on the golden floor works in the dream job. Ideal scenario for one resident’s rent (900 (full rent) x 3(dream job multiplier) x 3(golden floor multiplier) = 8100 daily coins.
A commercial floor golden brick enables a 100x stock level and instant stocking on that floor.
If you demolish the floor with a golden brick, you can reuse that golden brick on another floor.

Don’t be shy to request via the ingame menu for dream job minifigures or parts that you are missing. Add your friends in game after you finish the tutorial.

To request, go to the floor that you need workers/dream job workers for, press the wrench icon (top right tool), then press the request worker icon on the subsequent page (top left icon).
Once you have received workers from your friends, don’t forget to switch the request off using the same method.


Tap the topmost portion of your phone screen to be teleported to the top of your tower. Likewise, tap the bottommost portion of your phone screen to be teleported to the lobby.

If you accidentally opened up a mail of a minifigure you are not using yet (eg: Deliveryman), Bring him up a little and then bring him back down to the lobby. A prompt will ask you if you would like to use him later, press “continue” to return him to your mail.

Tower Club
Tower Club lets you gain access to automatic elevators (press once to reach the intended floor, 2x daily rental yield and 2x daily bonus piece as well as access to all the premium backgrounds , rooftops and Elevators. At beta, there was a free 5 days of Tower Club. Is this also available in the retail release? Once Tower Club expires, the Rooftop, Elevator design and Background you chose when it was active will remain active unless you change it again.

You might face some dire consequences if you decide to time travel 🙂

Differences between Tiny Tower and LEGO Tower.
Data below is crowdsourced from the spreadsheet compiled by the beta testing community. A shoutout to the team on Discord and Reddit.

Tiny Tower vs LEGO Tower
No in-game advertisements
Can convert Bux to Coins Cannot convert Bux to Coins
Renaming of Bits/Lobbies/Floors No renaming to keep it kid friendly
VIPs can be stacked in the Lobby VIPs cannot be stacked. They must be moved into a floor or sent to a friend in order to be cleared.
Bitizens can be dressed in Costumes Minifigs can be dressed in Pieces
Costumes are sent by visits/Bitizen gifts Trading system for Pieces
Special Characters boost rent
Skills for Bitizens. Gold Bitizens have a 900 Rent value. 2700 with VIP membership. No skilling system. Rent for all non-Gold Minifigs is from 0-900 Bux
Visits and delivering visitors helps with coin income
Rebuilding a Tower does not require 50 floors Rebuilding a tower requires 50 floors
Vehicle system
A blue giftbox appears when you have received a Bitizen from a friend. Mailbox system
Rent is 2x for Tower Club members, 3x for Dream Job minifigs, and 3x again for living in a gold Apt(up to 18x with all 3 multipliers)
Left-handed mode!
Lost and Found system
Hourly Golden Ticket raffle, and the ability to post your own messages in Bitbook No Raffle system, and no posting to Brick Book
Different stock levels
You can only send a VIP once to someone else, there is no return sending
Day/night background with fixed music The BG is customisable with BGM to suit each theme

Information and formulas credit to the admins and users of Tower Wiki as well as Lego Tower discord.


  1. Thanks for offering some sort of instruction. I’ve had the game since beta and only played a few times, so If i did go through a tutorial, I don’t remember it. What do the hearts mean next to the BB words that the lego characters say? I see there are numbers next to their hearts. Feel free to add me: 2H04

    • Brickbook (BB) is a pseudo Facebook satire and supposed to mimic a resident telling his social network about his/her life in LEGO Tower.
      The number of hearts represent the number of times his/her friends have “liked” his/her shares much like Facebook or Instagram.
      It’s just a cosmetic addition that brings more life to your residents and actually the number of hearts are purely decorative.

      Brickbook is only available when you have the English version of the game.

    • Well, there are some that have made good progress with it but as with all kinds of “gaming” the system, it’s always lonely at the top and takes the fun out of the game.
      Maybe we’d propose a try or two with an alt account just to satisfy the ol’ curiosity.


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