The LEGO brand flagship retail store at Nanjing East Road, Shanghai (near the People’s Square Metro station) has just released a customizable 3D print on keychain service for RMB99 yuan each (keychain costs 59 yuan, customization service costs 40 yuan)

Each customization on the keychain is limited to 8 characters, with Chinese words and “emojis” taking up 2 characters each and it can only be printed on one side of the keychain

Steps to purchase

>>Purchase the keychain customization service at the cashier for RMB 99 yuan
>>Choose the keychain colour at the cashier and bring over the forms and keychain to the machine counter
>>Add your personal text on the form and pass it to the machine operators
>>Queue for your turn
>>When it’s your turn, the operators will mount the keychain onto a fixture and double confirm with you on your customization choise
>>Let the Arburg 3D Freeformer machine do its thing (If you are interested in the printing process, here is a quick video from the equipment manufacturer on how the technology works)

Currently, this service is only available at this particular LEGO Store in Shanghai and thus remains a very unique embossed LEGO keychain. We are pretty curious on how it stands up to some general abrasion though.



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