The LEGO Movie 2 will invade Happy Meal toys around the world as early as 23rd January in Taiwan and early February for most other regions in the world.

Courtesy of Fast Food Toys Youtube channel, we have a closer look on these toys which look similar to the Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, in which it’s a plastic box that contains a small activity based toy inside for the child to carry around and open it up for quick play as and when needed. We at candidbricks think this is a much better idea that the previous cups that were introduced for the LEGO Movie 1 as well as The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

**All pictures below are taken from Fast Food Toys Youtube channel.

Update : There have been 4 additional character products, namely Benny, Rex Dangervest, Superman and another Duplo Invader found in the “Happy Meal Toys for Kids” Youtube channel, so it seems that some other regions might have an additional 4 more to collect (2 weeks more worth of promotions)

The first known country for the promotions to go live,  is in Taiwan with the lineup below along with the starting date of each promotion, beginning with Superman and Wonder Woman on the 23rd of Jan 2019.



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