40341 LEGO Xtra Sea Accessories – A set review

The LEGO xtra line caused quite a stir in the AFOL world when it first landed as it represented an easy, relatively inexpensive way for consumers to get accessory packs through official retail methods. Be it to complement their existing LEGO cities or just as small add-ons to existing sets, there is no longer a need to get a $10 or $20 playset just to get a few bicycles or surfboard.

First wave launched in July 2018

LEGO will launch their next wave in the xtra theme on 2019. In this article, we will take a closer look at 40341 LEGO Xtra Sea Accessories.

40341- Sea Accessories – releases Jan 2019 – picture on the XTRA Sea and Park Playmats

For this polybag, obviously a lot of sea related accessories are included, some actually are in the sea but most are things that you might find on the beach or on a pirate ship.
No instructions, maybe urged on by the fact that the one buoy shown in the front image of the pack is pretty straightforward to build up from the parts.

The biggest impact definitely is the shark. Some may even be tempted to create their own shark army or to recreate scenes from the latest Superhero movie, Aquaman.
The jaws open and close with a hinge mechanism after you fit in the upper jaw.

Closeup of the Shark, Fish and Clam included
Closeup view of the buoy, surfboard and flippers included

The parrot may seem to be an unlikely animal to be featured in a sea accessory pack but is always closely associated with pirates in classical tales, this one in particular comes in a yellow and blue hue. With the addition of accessories like a pair of binoculars, a treasure map, a chest and some gems, it makes a perfect set for a treasure hunt role play.

Closeup of the Pirate related sea accessories included, out of the picture are the treasure map and binoculars.
Full complement of the set in a beach scene on the 853841 Sea Playmat

The breakdown of the set which officially contains 24 parts are as below.

1 Shark
1 Wooden Barrel
1 Wooden Chest
1 Oar
1 Surfboard
2 Flippers (+ 1 extra)
1 Clam
1 Star (+1 extra)
2 Brown lightsaber hilts
2 Brown bars
2 Spear Tips
1 white 1×1 round plate (+1 extra)
1 trans red 1×1 round plate (+1 extra)
1 Binoculars
1 Treasure Map
2 Trans blue Gems (+1 extra)
1 Blue/Yellow Parrot
1 Orange Traffic Cone
1 Black 2×2 rounded stand

An attempt to knoll the set on the 853841 Sea Playmat

Overall, we feel the set is a pretty nifty accessory pack and one that helps in the seafaring adventures for kids and kids at heart alike.

Set will enter retail sales on LEGO.com and in LEGO stores worldwide in Jan 2019. LEGO.com listed price : USD3.99 per pack.

Disclaimer: This LEGO 40341 Sea Accessories set was kindly provided for review by The LEGO Group. The views shared in this review reflects the true opinion of the author on the particular set. The LEGO Group does not influence or decide the outcome of any reviews in this website.


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