Every year, LEGO gifts their full time employees (including retail staff) with a specially designed unique LEGO set. Two years ago, the employee gift 4002016 was a nod to the 50 year anniversary of LEGO trains. Last year, the 40 year anniversary of the Technic line gave birth to a heavily Technic based 4002017 Nutcracker.

What XMAS gift will the LEGO employees get this year in 2018? For starters, in 4002018, they get a lovely box designed by Roberta Sandri in collaboration with concept designer Sten Platz full of holiday cheer and it seems that this gift will somehow celebrate the 40th year of the Minifigure, judging from the printed gift tag. Box images below are from Mr. Thomas Oestergaard’s Instagram page

Based on the social media posting dates, the sets seem to have been distributed to the Billund staff last week and will make its’ way to employees around the world this or next week.

What about the contents/the build? If you do not want spoilers of the contents, look away now! If you don’t mind, click on the Spoiler.ALERT below.

We hope that we didn’t give too much away. Another year, another amazing Christmas gift from LEGO to their employees!


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