LEGO has released the designer video for the upcoming 10268 VESTAS Wind Turbine set that was previously announced back in September.
Previously only available as an employee gift to staff of VESTAS, this general public re-release of the set, with a few minor changes, is scheduled to be on the shelves on Black Friday, 23rd Nov 2018.

Senior Designer Carl Merriam gives his insights behind the design and significance of the set.

The aftermarket value of the previously “Vestas employee only” set was insane but still,  some in the adult community are still upset at the Retail price of the new set This is because they usually use Price per piece(The average cost per piece of brick in the set) as a gauge between sets.

In this instance, the addition of Power Functions in the set as well as the existence of a multitude of big parts will definitely skew that metric so it isn’t quite that straightforward to use Price per Piece for this set in our opinion.


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