The LEGO flyers in Germany and China have recently revealed that some regions will gain access to a yet unreleased set, the Christmas Gift set 40292.
Promobricks had previously released some additional information and pictures about this set

This 40292 Christmas Gift consists of 301pcs, these set features, features a decorated lid, foldable interior living room scene with 2 minifigures, tree, fireplace, chair and a toy train.

Lunarbricks from Slovenia have recently gotten their hands on the set and have done a speed build of it on Youtube. (Eastern Europe always gets sets early!) It’s a charming set which features nothing unique in terms of new elements or techniques but the decorative elements for the bow of the gift and the toal overall concept is very cool! shares that the Dutch flyer shows a minimum purchase of €80 is necessary to obtain this set which is the same minimum purchase needed to get the Diagon Alley Minibuild set as well. Depending on your preference for a licensed minibuild or a surprise gift build, you may want to plan your purchases ahead of time.


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