On it’s social media platform, LEGO teased us on the imminent announcement of the next official LEGO IDEAS set, the 21315 LEGO IDEAS Once Upon a Brick Pop Up Book which is based on a fan submission by Grant Davis and Jason Alleman.
Read their interview with LEGO Ideas here

Leaked images of the particular set were scattered around the internet a few days back as the sets were distributed to stores. The timing is not surprising as a LEGO China post also showed that the release date in China will be on the 26th of October. They, however, promoted it with an image of the fan submission version instead of the official set.

Tons of changes made by the official LEGO team compared to the fan submission. First and foremost the colour scheme of the book cover was changed from beige to emerald green. Gone too are the transparent decals and are now replaced by what looks to be a brown 8×16 printed tile. LEGO has also put in some decorative flourishes elsewhere to make it feel like a real book. We are excited to see it’s imminent arrival on the shelves.



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