A life sized Polar Bear has been built by Italian LEGO Certified Professional Riccardo Zangelmi and his team. It is currently on display at the CityLife Shopping District in Milan, Italy. It is solid enough to have a fully grown man easily riding on top of it!

cr: ___jakcino___ (part of the LCP team)
cr: psicofilo

The project looks to be a collaboration with National Geographic based on the pull up banner stand and the LCP’s posts and the LEGO City theme is prominently featured in the display ad. It consists of 150,000 LEGO bricks and took a team of four, 8 days to complete.

The team members

cr: riccardozangelmiart(LCP)
cr: verlore66
cr: ___jakcino___(part of the LCP team)
cr: riccardozangelmiart(LCP)
cr: riccardozangelmiart(LCP)

Curious about the LCP program? A brief summary is provided here

Previously, Sean Kenney (another LCP) did a sculpture of a family of polar bears too. Here is the link to that portfolio. Originally, he also did a LEGO sculpture of a single polar bear. We are guessing polar bears are very popular with the crowd!

Images credit at the bottom of each picture.


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