LEGO SDCC EXLUSIVES 2018 rairity-collection

We have reached the tail-end of the SDCC season for 2018. One thing that most people are curious about is the rarity of each exclusive set/minifigure. It seems that for every boxset this year, LEGO has printed a foil sticker that indicates the total sets produced for that set on top of the normal unique identifier number of each individual set.

We have browsed through a few eBay listings and thanks largely to the advancement of phone camera technology, we are able to easily discern the wordings on those foil stickers and the breakdown of total sets produced for each exclusive SDCC set for 2018 are :

75512 – Millennium Falcon Cockpit – 3000 sets
75996 – Aquaman and Storm – 1500 sets
75997 – Ant-man and The Wasp – 1500 sets

TLG has produced 2x as much Star Wars Millennium Falcon cockpit sets compared to the Antman and Aquaman sets! This might give some insight for the anticipated popularity of those Star Wars sets compared to the Marvel or DC ones.

If you aren’t impressed with the exclusivity of the packaging. Each set is actually buildable if you have the correct bricks lying around as they are build out of non exclusive/non unique bricks. Here are the instructions:

75512 : Millennium Falcon Cockpit
75996 : Aquaman and Storm
75997 : Ant-Man and The Wasp


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