LEGO has announced via Syfy their reveal of the third of the expected 3 exclusive to SDCC 2018 free minifigures (distributed to interested SDCC attendees via lottery) and it’s Apocalypseburg Unikitty from Lego Movie 2 : The Second Part.

Apocalypseburg Unikitty has two interchangeable expressions with one being the very expressive RAGE mode and on the other, an ANGRY look. This is the second time that Unikitty will be a SDCC exclusive with the first one in 2014. We may be wrong but that tail seems awfully unique and could even be a new mould. Reddit user “MindAsWell” also spots interestingly that the neckpiece connection used is the old type instead of the ones used for the 2018 Unikitty! Playsets and blindbags.

We previously posted an article for those unsure what’s a SDCC exclusive minifigure or what SDCC actually is. Have a quick look if you’re interested.

To get access to the the minifigure, eligible members should log on to their Comic-Con Member ID account, and click the link under the “Exclusives” tab to submit their interest. The Exclusives Portal will close today! on July 12, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) so SDCC2018 attendees, please do register your interest to get a chance to own this freebie if you have not!



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