An upcoming SDCC exclusive has been revealed by, the 75996 Aquaman and Storm! (This is the DC Comics Storm which is the name of the seahorse mount of Aquaman)

Like yesterday’s announcement of the Millennium Falcon Cockpit ,the box is designed in the general shape of old VHS tapes from the 70’s and 80’s but could also be interpreted as a comic book cover.

The build itself looks rather straightforward with the main characters depicted in an underwater scene with an octopus, a brick built manta ray and two “searocks”. The Aquaman minifigure in itself does not look new but this would be the first time he’s depicted in slicked back hair. Fans of variants could just change the hair of theregular Aquaman found in playsets.

This will retail exclusively at the upcoming San Diego Comic Convention for USD$40 at San Diego in mid-July 2018.



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