We got our copy of the 31084 Pirates Roller Coaster off the racks of Metro Singapore at a retail price of S$149.90 and this is our review of the main build.

Based on toy shop pre-order listings, the price list in other countries are as follows :£69.99, €89.99, USD89.99, CAD109.99

31084 - Pirates Roller Coaster set

Box Experience

Number of bags: 12 unnumbered
Number of sub-bags : 1
Number of manuals : 1
Number of stickers : None

1) The bags are unnumbered as common in all 3-in-1 Creator sets. This means that arranging your bricks according to colour ahead of time will probably be a good choice.
2) You can only build one build at any one time and usually in these sets, the main build will use up nearly all the bricks while the alternate builds will use lesser bricks which is the probable reason for 1)

There is no major difference between the front and back of the box which shows the 3 builds that you can build with the bricks in the box. Manual came packed in a bag with no cardboard backing and was thus slightly folded but nothing big to worry about.

The three main builds namely THE COASTER, THE VIKING/PIRATE BOAT, THE TRAIN RIDE are shown at the start of the manual.

Index of each build instruction variant is listed in the manual

Build Review Roller Coaster

Balloon CartThe build starts off with a small balloon cart and the minifigures.
This cute cart is great as a complementary side build.

Design of the main area pays homage to the classic Pirates set : 6276 Eldorado Fortress. There are rocky steps for you to climb to the ticketing area with only the red/blue awning taking us away from the classic colour scheme. You can even spot certain design concepts lifted out of the classic set, a classy move from the set designer to include these easter eggs for the Pirates theme lovers.

Fortress area
Front view of the ticketing area
Ticketing area including rock stairs and coconut tree
6276 Eldorado Fortress. Image from Brickset DB

The laying of the first roller coaster track after the completion of the fortress seemed like a milestone when we were building it. We couldn’t help but wanting to play with the coaster every time a new track was laid down.

Halfway through and the first coaster track is laid down.

The carriages were newly introduced last year along with the Joker Manor set from the LEGO Batman Movie. The wheels are fitted to the bottom of the carriage and the view below gives us an idea on how the carriage grips to the rails.

We decided to build the coaster first due to the reason above and the final outcome resembles a cute shark. The kid enjoyed this portion immensely. Baby Shark anyone?

Shark Carriage

Moving onwards, following the ocean pirate theme, a few landmark scenes are recreated to enrich the roller coaster experience for the minifigures. A shipwreck, a skeleton guarding his treasure and then a huge skull island with a mini kraken completes the look. You’ll notice several light blue tiles used as connectors on the rail to represent water and Light grey used on land or rocks.



Once the build is completed, we can see some of the little details incorporated to this set like the very detailed landing area including turnstiles and fortress facade.

Start of the coaster including turnstile and boarding area

Click to play GIF file : Cannon Fire
Overhead shot of the fortress
Another easter egg by the designer – You can place the cannon in three separate areas (on the 2×2 modified plates) to fortify your fort against advancing enemies

31084 - Pirates Roller Coaster set

Included is a short gif video of the roller coaster in action, you give it a slight push through the flippable skull tunnel and the coaster effortlessly glides through the whole course and stops at the landing area.

Click to Play : Roller Coaster in action

Final Thoughts

This main build is full of Pirates charm and delivers on the promise shown on the boxart. Overall build is quite stable but when moving the assembly, please take extra care and hold it at the heavier areas.  We find it particularly flimsy at the “water splash” area at the end of the last downslope.
We will continue to build the alternate builds and will update the links to the next builds of the set in this article when available.

Updated : Link with review of alternate builds of the set is now available

Arrrrr - Pirate working the control station
Arrrrr. A Pirate’s life for me. The fairground employee operating the controls.


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